camphor making business in kerala

Camphor making business in kerala installation and application will provide our website.keep reading below mater.

camphor making machine in kerala
RS 85000

Business and marketing in camphor making

  • we are using an automated machine to create camphor capsule, it is very easy for us to take production in different designs.camphor making business is simple and easy to make and market. 
  • Many people are aware of its use and it is a very common use among the Hindus.  If Muslims are Muslim brothers, they can use it to burn down their homes and deaths. 
  • It is a great market among the Hindus as it is a part of their prosperity among the Hindus. 
  • We can make capsules with different designs but also as Pilates.  To do that, we create the model we need while designing the machine making time. 
  • It is sold in small and large packages.  We are focused on making sales, through temples, as well as smaller stationery stores. 
  • Whether in Kerala or anywhere in India, this is a huge market.  Therefore, no matter how much your product is made, it is very easy to make market and selling.

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Material using camphor making machine

  • There are powders for using as a material for making camphor product. camphor pellets and capsules are made using powders as it material. 
  • This will be a different quality powder depending on the poultry we are using. 
  • Its materials are available from several places in India such as Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra. 
  • Materials with available a kilo rate of Rs 650 to Rs 1500 as per its quality.  The final product is selling 100% of its profits by purchasing such materials. 
  • Therefore, it has a production capacity of 50 kg and 60 kg.  Because if you use material that is worth a thousand rupees, then one day’s production should be come 50,000 working capital. 
  • Selling 50 kg of product will yield a profit of Rs. 50000. Therefore, this does not necessarily mean more production capacity and machinery.

Marketing camphor business in kerala or India

  • Camphor making machine in kerala have a business there are many ways to develop the market.
  •   One of the most important methods for marketing camphor is finding one or two distributors.  If we find it, then our product has the market potential to be concrete and possible to sale all our production asper our capacity. 
  • And the second way branding is to create a brand name for ourselves is to give people publicity.  To do that, we need to have some kind of packing system and advertise our name to the market.
  • We have a lot to do and we can increase sales.  One of the most difficult forms of marketing is to sell our product directly.  One of the difficulties we have when doing so is that we cannot afford to spend as much sale on our production capacity .
  •   But when our market is gradually rising to the top, we are able to streamline our product and have the ability to sell other products to the market so that our business can be very, very large. 
  • The first thing we need to do is study who uses this type of product.  Then we can meet them and understand its market and sell it accordingly.

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