Charcoal briquettes business project

Charcoal briquettes business project is a good project in small scale. There is no need to notify said usage. These are using as the charcoal briquettes required for BBQ products in all over the world.

Therefore, there is a huge demand for these in countries in different parts of the world. Mainly in Arabian countries. Firewood is very scarce there. Therefore, there is a huge demand for charcoal briquettes there.

Charcoal briquettes

Charcoal is using as the raw material required to make briquettes. Charcoal powders. The blocks mold with the help of machinery are called briquettes. This article contains information related to the manufacture of charcoal briquettes. Mainly investment, raw material, profit, market ,risk etc .

investment for Charcoal briquettes manufacturing

Building investment is one of the major investments. Here are some things to keep in mind while you are building. It is about the size of the building. Here, a building with 12 meters length, 8 meters width and 10 meters height is require.

For this it is better to make using GI sheet. Thus, when the construction is done, it comes with an investment of around four lakh rupees. It will be around 1000 square feet.

Charcoal briquettes manufacturing Machinery investment

When it comes to Charcoal briquettes manufacturing Machinery investment, we must understand what kind of machinery it requires. What are the machinery required for charcoal briquettes manufacturing?

Charcoal briquettes manufacturing  Machinery

It requires batch mixer machine and charcoal briquettes manufacturing factory machine. The cost of the machinery used to produce one ton in one day is Rs 6 lakh.

Contact for Charcoal briquettes manufacturing machinery

Lingo technology,
Ph: +91 9444999400

Electrical Investment

A three phase electrical connection is require for Charcoal briquettes project. The electrical connection and its wiring summaries are fine and an investment of one and a half lakh rupees is coming.

This is if there is a three phase line in the shed premises itself. Otherwise the investment to draw the line will be additional.

Raw materials Charcoal briquettes manufacturing

Raw materials Charcoal briquettes availability is huge in India. Any product we manufacture should be use raw material. Here is the recipe needed to make Charcoal briquettes. Charcoal powder is mainly using for this.

These are obtained from the waste of activated carbon manufacturing companies. In such companies, the wastage is more than fifty ton and above in a month.

For that, the market fetches up to seven rupees per kg. It is required as raw material for packing materials which are then required to pack them. Its raw materials are available in all countries.

But they are more readily available in countries where there are companies that make activated carbon. Coconut charcoal is the most shooter material for this.

Contact for material

CG carbon

Clear carbon ,F10,kinfra industrial park,
nadukani, pallivayal po
kannur , 670142
kerala , india


An important requirement for any business is to generate profit. Charcoal briquettes manufacturing business is very huge. Because the cost of raw materials is very low, sales are large and profit is high.

A kilo of raw material costs is Rs 7 and it selling price is Rs 30. Therefore, the gross profit here is 23 rupees. From that, Rs. 4 as the required cost of packing and Rs. 2 as the working cost is left as a net profit of Rs. 17 by both of them.

Profit per day

Here we have to look at the daily production while we are calculating the profit per day. If you get a production of 1000 kg a day, you can calculate a profit of 17 rupees. In this way, a profit of Rs. 17000 per day is obtain.

Monthly Profit

26 working in a month. Therefore, when you say 26-multiplay to 17000, you get four lakh forty two thousand rupees for a month. If the film is produce by this business itself, the profit will be huge. When that happens, it takes just four months to get its investment return.

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