paper cup making business ideas

Paper cup making business ideas use to produce paper cup for drinking water. It is a disposable class so it market potential is very huge so the profit will make on the bases of market demand. The material availability is not a problem in India and other country in the world. Because The materials is printed paper the distributors in every state have much production.

paper cup making machine

production capacity             –  80-85/ mints

paper quality                       -150-250 gsm

maximum size of product   -50ml -330 ml

power                                  – 5hp

Air required                         – 6 bar pressure

weight                                 – 200 kg

counting                            – automatic

special feature                   – auto lubrication                                      and gear mechanism

Standard                             – CE&ISO

Over all dimension             -2500*1400*1700

mm (L<W<H)

MRP        –   650000 -800000 as per                                                             technology

1- GST additional + transporting may apply extra

Machinery for paper cup making business

Paper Cup Making business  ideas need machinery for paper cup making when we can start a unit.  Paper Cup Making Machine is available in various companies but when we select Paper Cup Machine we need to select Paper Cup Making Machine which offers good quality and service.  This website can help you choose such a machine.  There are RS 575000 machines available in 50 cup per minute and a machine making between 55 and 60 cup per minute .The machine costs Rs. 650000.  The machine, which is available in the 60-70 class, has a rate of Rs 7 lakh and the high-tech machine with a class of 80 has a rate of Rs 8 lakh.

Contact for machinery

AKR industries
Trichanapally Tamil nadu India
Contact : +91 9842150536 , +919842455536

Details paper cup making machine

  • Fully Automatic Machines Available for Paper Cup Making business ideas .  Similarly there are semi-automatic Machines that are processing everything and Half Machine.
  • semi Automatic Machine has its own production capacity and low cost. 
  • One of fully automatic machine Having said that, the Machines has a production capacity of 50 to 55 per minute.  This is the Fully Automatic Machine with the smallest capacity.  This type of machine comes with a unit consisting of a gearbox and a motor. 
  • After that there are machines that can produce 60 to 70 class a minute.  If that is the Machines , then the gearbox and motor running set are coming.  This one machine smart will cost you more than one lakh more investment than another one.  And its used materials are essential to the poultry.  The final product will be nice and clean to look at. 
  • Then there’s the matter of making a 70 cup to 80 per minute.  This kind of Machines is called a high-tech Machines .  This high-tech machine can make cups of up to 350 Ml.  We can only make cups with 250 ML(size of cup) on other machines.

Material availability of paper cup making business

The material availability of paper cup making business ideas have no tension . Because the paper availability of printed and cutter material are huge resource in the Indian market.

  • The main material for the paper cup production is the cut paper, according to our size of the paper cut.  That doesn’t mean we need to buy a cutting machine. 
  • Materials from 80 gsm to 150 gsm are to be used for making paper cup. 
  • We get the material even when we print color printers for hotels as well as different brands.  Sivakasi of Tamil Nadu is one of the place where this material supply is at the forefront. 
  • Distributors of Supply of Machine Materials in Ernakulam, Kerala.  Through them we can connect the material.  Round in material from one hundred to 106 rupees.  We can get a kg, including transport, at a cost of Rs 108 . 
  • Selling always is 230 ,220 rupees on the bases of market competition.  A margin of up to Rs 100 per kg can be a slight difference during the competition.

Machinery Requirement

  You can get everything up to 250ml in a small machine.  But if you take a high-tech machine, you can take up to 330 Ml of high-tech machine production capacity of 50 ml to350 ml .  You can take production up to 4000 class per hour so you can capture a home market and if you take a product with this machine you can increase your production capacity to increase your business. 

If you work one shift a day, we’ll get about forty thousand cups in 12 hours, so using this one paper cup making machine will help you make a huge income.  If you are a beginner through our website, we will provide you with all the training and support you need, free of charge.

Profit from paper cup making business

The Profit from paper cup making business is higher than other business because the materiel cost and selling price. The materiel cost with printing is 106 / kilogram Indian rupees.

The manufacturing cost of will be 15 Indian rupee per each kilogram. So 106+15 = 121 Indian rupee is the final cost of each kilogram of product.

The selling price of the paper cup product is starting from 190 Indian rupee. So we calculate the profit from one kilogram = 190 – 121 = 69 Indian rupee.

Then We calculate the profit from one day on the bases of production capacity. If you produce 90- 100 kilogram per day then calculate 90 * 69 = 6210 Indian rupee per day.

Investment for paper cup making unit

Investment of paper cup making unit on the bases of your project report. If you want to start with single machine we provide the investment base below.

Building Investment

If you want to start single machine production must need 750 squire feet of building. The building investment will be on the bases of your construction method. So we advise the sheet covered structural building construction. So one squire feet cost will be 250 Indian rupee so the building investment is 750 * 250 = 187500 Indian Rupee.

Machinery investment

The machinery investment for paper cup making business on the bases of production capacity and technology. 50 cup per minute production available machinery on 650000 In Indian Rupee . So the machinery investment will be 650000 Indian rupee .

Electrical connection and work

Electrical work and connection cost will be came on the bases of allocation of resources or area. The investment of electrical in the paper cup making business will be 200000 Indian rupee.

License Procedure

The paper or license procedure will be 40000 Indian rupee. What are the papers or license needed for the manufacturing of paper cup are below.

  • Udyog adhar
  • Panjayath or muncipality license
  • GST
  • Bank Account
  • PAN card

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