Potato chips making machines for business

Potato chips making machines for business or chips is one of the popular food around the world and profit making business. It has good marketing demand.

Chips are use as snacks nor side dishes in restaurants and cafes It served as fried and baked. It shapes like round and finger in hard and soft texture.

Chips are available in many flavors in market Chips are fried in corn or vegetable oils. Most popular chips includes lays, sprinkles,pop chips, ruffles etc.. Potatoes sliced as thin, fried in oil and then salted.

Ingredients commonly used in chips are raw potatoes. Vegetable oil or corn oils for frying, salt and other preservatives such as ascorbic acid, sodium phosphate, emulsifiers etc..

Potato chips spread all over the world with its mouthwatering taste. French fries is one of it. French fries is long and soft in texture. It is available in restaurant with sandwiches, chickens etc .

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potato chips making business
potato chips

How to start potato chips making machines for business

How to start potato chips making machines for business is important Production process includes several steps. First step is raw potatoes cleaning and washing. This process avoid stones and mud from potatoes. The next process is peeling. Peeling is important for slicing and frying. Slicing process features thin slices of potatoes as long and narrow one. These slices are wash to remove excess starch from it.

These slices should be dry before frying. Drying process reduce huge amount of water from potato slices. Next process is frying. Heat and temperature should be control in frying.

Last process is salting and seasoning. Now have you a idea about how to start potato chips making business.

Machines for starting potato chips for business

Potato chips making machines for business there are three types of machinery’s are using for production of potato chips.

Peeler, slicer, dryer. These machinery’s are important to startup a small unit of production. To start up a small unit of production , capacity of machinery are given below.

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potato chips making machines
potato chips making machines for business

potato peeling machine for potato chips business help to start semi automatic small unit for production. The peeler help us to clean, wash, peel the raw potatoes. Many production capacity machineries are available.

Machinery cost varies depend on its capacity. If you start a unit before can decide how much capacity you need to start or how much need production capacity per day.

It very important because the investment on machinery depend upon the production capacity of the machine. The peeling machine for potato are came with different models and different quality.

The quality and technology will entirely different in each company. The price of potato peeling machine for potato chips business are given below as the bases of production capacity.


Contact for all machinery for potato chips making

Company coimpatore
Ph : +91 9842234219 +91 9428264944
potato packing machine contact +919892068948


Potato slicer machine helps to slice as thin. Slicer slices potatoes in different patterns. Cost varies depend on its production capacity. the slicer machine have different production capacity.

Before we mentioned how to take or select a machine for your business. fist of all we decide our production capacity or our market demand and supply.

The slicer machine for potato chips making business are available different production capacity may help huge and small production unit making. We mentioned below it price and production capacity.

Potato chips making machines for business
price list for potato slicer machine


 Dryer machines helps to remove excess water from potatoes.and it maintains oil flow in frying.This machines could help to reduce over usage of electricity and oil.

Then should help to make good and qualified potato chips for business like lyce, bingo etc. In this dryer machines have different production capacity. We should decide on the bases of our production capacity and market demand.

Other machinery for potato chips making business needed fry panel for making chips and packing machines for packing.

The business strength and production capacity will decide which type of fry panel and packing machine need for your business.

profit making with potato chips business

Each packet contains 15gm and rated as 5 rupees.one packet can earn us rs 2 in profit. One kg potatoes gives 66 packets.

So it is a well developed unit and well making profit as good marketing skill. Potato chips production has good demand in market with different area like bakes hotels and stationary.

Packing machines for business

All types of packing machines for business is different model in each product. In the potato chips making and its packing machines are available at different type and different companies.

Each companies have their on quality and speed of packing style. Mechanical model are available in coimbatore it have starting 1.25 lakhs rupees.

The packing machines for potato chips making unit is not compulsory for starting. So at the starting time should use manual packing is better if you are a beginner.

Contact for packing machine

PH: +91 99953 40280, +91 94473 65093
Email : marketing@packmen.in
Web: www.packmen.in

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