Banana chips making business ideas

Banana chips making business ideas is small business with easily start with a small investment. The main raw materials is green banana, oil, slat, color, water etc. There are no tension about the raw material availability.

The banana chips have its own market in any where in the world. It is a good crispy among the bakery product. The main machine using for the production process is the banana slicer machine. And other we need stove or fry panel for the chips making. So make traditional stove is better for the production of chips making .

Banana chips making business ideas
banana slicer machine

The picture you see is that the chips that can do 100 to 150 kilos of banana slicer machine in one hour are worthy slice machines.  This requires three-quarters of HP motor capacity and a single-line connection.  Using this machine will help you increase your production capacity much easier as well as reduce the number of employees.  If you feel you need this machine, please fill out the form below and submit your details to us

power — 4/3 hp

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Mrp – 25000

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If we use Banana slicer machine we can reduce the number of employees.  At the same time it can also increase production.  When we start a unit of this type of chips, the most important thing is to reduce our daily expense.  It is best to use a slicer machine for that.

  Many people do not know where to get this one machine.  Similarly, man does not know which company is good and which quality is good.  Therefore, many people do the banana slicer manually. 

We offer you an easy way to find this kind of machine through our website  You too can increase your business production and increase sales.  If you think you need this kind of machine, fill out our Inquiry Form and submit it to us.

Investment for Banana chips making business ideas

The only investment that any business or manufacturing unit we makes is investing in building and infrastructure like Banana slicer machine, electricity connection,water,and other. 

Mainly using the slicer machine we are working on banana chips making business unit, the unit needs to be the electricity connection. 

Similarly, when installing a machine that makes chips, we need the fireplace.  If the oven is usually hot and the heat is hot enough stable on time is better. To heat the brick, then a well heated oven is best. Use traditional bricks oven is better for the fuel consumption.

  Similarly, the machine need only blow 1 hp power for work .  Then we have the necessary utensils for the cleaning and making element of the production.

  The unit needs about sixty five thousand indian rupees to operate as investment for machinery and oven if you have the building.

Raw Materials for Banana chips making business ideas

The raw material comes from the Green Banana which is available from all district in the karala with very cheap rate.  Banana Chips is a product that gets a lot of materials availability.  There are farms that make banana in all districts. 

One of the other ingredients needed to make it is oil.  There are also those who use coconut oil.  Using oil is the best way to make the most profit.  The consumption of oil is on the calculation of 100 kg / 15 ltr oil.

Then there is the color which gives it a yellow color. yellow color will help to make beauty of product. 

Add salt to taste and mix well with water. 

We are roasting it in a large pan, so we need pots and a crackpot to take it. 

Instead of just being heated, wood is used for baking.  Such materials are required for a Banana Chips Making Unit.

Market about the product

How many towns are there in your state .  There are many shops selling bakes in each town so there are much market in banana chips.  Similarly, small stationary stories Big Station Supermarkets Banana Chips is a very popular product. 

banana chips making business ideas
banana chips

Chips are not just made with Banana.  Sweet products as well as thinner products that make it a lot smaller are making a lot of different products with this green and yellow banana.  It is all of a different character and a good tasting. 

Therefore, a person who is starting a small unit should have nothing to fear about the market.  Whatever is made, it can be sold in the markets around them.  So the banana making business have no more tension about market demand.

Therefore it is possible to start a small investment, so those who come to this type of industry need not be afraid.  Because this is the home for the customers.  Chips are also a remedy for homemade tea.

Profit making from the chips market

Two staff must need for the chips making business for peeling slicing and frying the product. So the salary for two staff will calculate each staff per 350 per day. So salary expense came to 700 per day.

Raw material green banana have its own market rate in all season, so the rate average is 25 rupees per kilogram. 200 kilogram may be make the production per day so need the 580 kilogram green banana per day . So 580 * 25 = 14500 for raw material .

The raw material Oil for fry panel need 75 liter per day, It will make 75*80= 6000 rupees per day. And other expenses like fuel and electrical are 500 average cost each day .

So total expenses per day are raw material like green banana + oil+ salary + electrical and fuel etc. The total expenses = 14500+6000+700+500 = 21700 . It have to get the final product banana chips the quantity of 200 kilogram .

So the average cost per kilogram = 135.5 rupees (On the bases of 25 rupees / kg raw material cost )

So it have the market value of 170 rupees per kilogram, So we calculate 170*200 = 34000 is the net selling price. Then we calculate 34000-21700 = 12300 rupees profit will make per day. “The earning of profit will change on the bases of raw material cost and marketing strategy”.

If you start this business in India mus take FSSIA certificate for your production unit

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