Plastic segregation and grinding business

Plastic segregation is the first step in recycling process. Plastic never dissolves in soil. Therefore, it does great harm to the environment. The plastic scrap business benefits in two ways, one economically and socially. Plastic segregation process is the first stage in plastic re processing business.

There are many different types of plastic products and the job here is to separate them. All plastics are came under two category, They are ethaline and styrene. All the local plastic products we see here fall into the ethylene category. like bucket, cup , pp chair, toys, cans etc .

Plastic segregation and grinding business
Plastic cleaning process

ABS HIPS products are products that fall into the styrene category. In this products have huge melting capacity in plastic like 220 degree Celsius. The Plastic segregation and grinding business is possible to start with law investment.

Plastic Items segregation process

Plastic Items segregation process means separate plastic wise items. Here Plastic have so many items like HD, LD, Blow , Toys, ABS, HIPS etc . The first process is segregate the items wise material quality. Each materials have its on production process and chemical quality. The items identification skill is one of the important manner in this area.

In each items have different product .Which means an example ” We take one items hd is a one of the category of the plastic have different product in plastic”. They are cover, can, pipes etc. How we can identify the products are under which category is very important.

In this segregation process we make plastic items are under some category . The usage is different also the price will different in each items. Here the profit will increase because the all material are collect with a single price.

Color segregation process in plastic

Color segregation process is very important in plastic scrap business. Because, each products help us to produce the same color new products. The different color have different value. If you mix all colors together it can be use only to black product.

There are few tips for color segregation, some basic colors we pick up in the plastic scrap. You know the different verities of color in plastic. The basic color are red, green, blue, yellow, black and white.

We put in to all suitable color in to selected basic color box. Example, If you select the color red is the basic color on box put all rose color and light red orange etc like suitable colors in to that box.

Plastic grinding business

The plastic grinding business is a plastic raw material making business. This is the first step of plastic granules making process. So already we define the plastic segregation process in above. We get the plastics chips material after scrap grinding process.

The grinded chips material value is greater than the scrap material. So here create some profit from metal grinding business.

In this business have some crushing process with machinery. So here using grinder and crushing machines for the process.

Start up investment for plastic grinding unit

Here we explain the start up investment for plastic grinding unit in small scale. It should be increase on the bases of customer requirement like machinery and production capacity .

Building investment 500 squire feet – 125000
machinery investment (Grinder and cutter) -210000
Electrical investment with work – 110000
License and paper – 35000
Total investment – 480000

What are the licenses need for plastic processing unit

The plastic processing unit is a plastic recycling business. It have some rules and regulation in the government sides.

They are listed in below .

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