Paper bag machine

Paper bag machine is use to produce paper carry bag.

Paper bag machine
MRP -800000

Paper weight                   :               30-80 Gsm

Bag length                       :               160-450mm

Bag width                        :               70-450mm

The width of paper roll:                260-720mm

Machine power             :                   4 KW

 Machine Weight           :               2500 Kg

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Machinery for industrial production unit

Paper bag machine making is one of the best business you can start in Kerala right now.  This is because the government is promoting paper manufacture in part to reduce the use of plastics.  The whole plastic project that is being used as part of it is likely to be banned.  Therefore, the possibility of paper bag making in Kerala is very high.  Having a unit that can perform well in production can make huge profits.  The demand for the paper bag will increase with the increase in usage.  Therefore, it is more likely to start manufacturing paper bags.  As demand increases, so does product price will increase .  Thereby increasing the profits.  There are many places in Kerala but not much.  Many GSM can make many different sized bags.  Therefore, it is very likely to have huge demand in the market.

Why paper bag

Plastic bags are less likely to perish.  Non-woven bags are expensive.  Therefore, paper bags are likely to be sold in the market soon.  Paper costs Rs 40 per kg.  While this is a production, it can be sold for sixty and seventy rupees.  If you work eight hours a day, you will get roughly one ten protection.  To make a profit of about Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 a day.  Only two employees in total because of the Fully Automatic Machine.  So the production cost is very low.  The Electricity Charge required for a month of production is just below Rs.10,000.  Therefore, paper bag manufacturing is a business that can make a profit of about Rs 2 lakh a month.

Paper Bag Making Machine is available for purchase in India.  So when it comes to service and maintenance, we don’t need to be afraid.  What we get is one year warranty.  If we need the services that come later, we get paid service.  Made from quality materials, it is less maintenance to build.  Then the total is only Rs 8 lakh.  It comes with a double colour printing machine.  Another material used for this is adhesive. 

Paper bag material

The paper bag is used for making paper 30-80 GSM weights.  There are materials that are sheets of paper and paper Roll.  We have to select the material according to our machinery.  Materials are available in the market ranging from Rs 36 to Rs 50.  Pricing is based on the quality of material.  There are paper bag carry bags as well as bakery packing parts. This machine use to produce Bakery and Dress packing bag.  Brown colored material is usually used to make such bags.  The machine can print in both colors and 4 colors.  There is a great demand for this kind of use in brown color paper.

Paper bag material availability in india

  • India’s position in paper manufacture is very high in the world. 
  • India have a lot of paper making unit in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. 
  • There are sales agents in Kerala especially the towns like Kozhikode and Ernakulam. 
  • Kerala are more than 5 distributors in the paper sector at Cochi.  There is no fear of Paper Bag manufactures on Materials Availability. 
  • We can stock up on the material needed to make a good construction.  There are many quality materials in many lives and these are all available for purchase in Kerala. 
  • They are brown colored and have a very low rate.

Paper bag market

  • The market for brown color paper bags is very huge. 
  • The packaging is mostly use in bakeries and cloth shops. 
  • It is most commonly use in institutions such as Fancy. 
  • In a shop, costumer will need papers of different sizes. 
  • Going more at sites like half a kilo, one kilo,two kilo and five kilos.
  •   How many bakeries and how many cloth shops are there in a town?
  •   Most of the shops will sell paper bags that are in different sizes.
  • In that case, there is the potential for a town to be in a great deal of Bags. 
  • So the market potential of Paper Bag is very huge.

Investment for paper bag

  • The main requirement for starting a paper bag manufacturing unit is Building Machinery Electricity License Clearance.
  •   The building need to start such a unit is 750 square feet of area. 
  • THe Starting price of the machinery at Rs 8 lakh. 
  • GST License Health Certificate Pollution Control Board and others are need to make licenses. 
  • It would take about Rs.17 lakh to start such a unit.  Working capital needs to be seen to be at least Rs 10 lakh.

Profit through paper bag machine

  • One of the advantages of its production capacity is that it can make a huge profit using a paper bag machine. 
  • It is a machine that can produce from 250 to 500 bags per minute.
  •   Paper bags are sell for as little as Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg. 
  • The price determine for distributors at weight of paper bag .  
  • Retailing price cane determine on the bases of print and size as nober of bags.
  •   Paper bag manufacturing units are therefore profitable.  What comes as an expense is the Maintenance Salary Electricity Bill. 
  • Therefore, paper bag making is a good business that can make a big profit if you can make good sales.

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