Coconut charcoals making business plan

Coconut charcoals making business plan is mainly used as raw material to make activated carbon. There are many factories around us that manufacture activated carbon. Each factory requires more than 300 ton per month.

Here we are going to talk about how to make a Coconut charcoal factory. What facilities are required for that, what raw materials are required, etc. are mentioned here.

We are also telling you how much profit you can make per month from Coconut charcoals making business . This is definitely a business idea that has a lot of potential for success.

Coconut charcoals
Coconut charcoals

If you do this business very well, you can make huge savings. Below are the details from where you can collect its raw material as well as where you can sell the raw material.

Raw material for Coconut charcoals making business

We need a lot of raw materials to start this business. Mainly coconut cells are used for Coconut charcoals making business. These coconut shells need to be burnt and change.

It uses diesel for that firing process. Straw is also used. Then it is cooked and after that the fire is stop using water. At least 2000 liters of water should be stocked for that.

We need only four or five such raw materials to build this one factory. It requires some infrastructure. We have mentioned them below.

Investment for charcoals making business

We can build a Coconut charcoals manufacturing factory in two ways. First of all it can be built without any investment. It requires a large unoccupied area.

Because it cannot start without investment in densely populated areas. It has a processing that emits full-time twenty-four-into-seven fog. Therefore, it can be burned outside in a wide open area. In that case only working capital is required.

Now we can start this if there is no people within 100 meters. It requires some investment. We need two pits as the infrastructure for Coconut charcoals manufacturing factory. This pit should be constructed with red stone and a close chimney exhaust system. When that happens, an investment of less than five lakhs will be required.

Where is our market

Coconut charcoals is mainly used as a raw material for the manufacture of activated carbon. Air cleaning as well as water purification uses activated carbon to parts such as gold mining.

Therefore, each activated carbon factory produces 300 tons/month . This is a product that is in high demand to produce actor carbon from it.

It is a sure thing that if you produce as much as you can coconut sell it every month. Coconut production is very high in each country. Activated carbon can be produced from other products.

activated carbon
Activated carbon

But the demand for charcoals produced from coconut is huge. That is why it has so much demand in the market.

Below is the list of companies that can sell mainly in India. People visiting this site from other countries can also find activated carbon manufacturing units by typing your country.

contact customer for coconut charcoals

Profit from charcoals making business

400 grams of curry can be produced from one kg of coconut cell. The remaining 600 grams goes as waste. This happens because the knife loses weight when it becomes charcoal.

The current market price of a kilo of coconut cell is between 9 to 11 rupees. Here we can consider Rs.11 as base price. From this we get an output of 400 grams.

The price of this 400 grams of charcoal is 11 rupees. When it comes like this, if we want to charcoal one kg, we get 27.5 rupees cost. If salary and other expenses are added, it will cost 30 rupees to get one kg fixed.

According to today’s market price, coconut charcoal costs Rs.39. Then you will get 9 rupees as profit from this. If you take one eye production a day, you can make a profit of 9000 rupees.

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