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Football turf ground making is a viable business in India especially kerala. Football is a worldwide arena played different parts of India. So football turf plays a vital role and good business in india.

Football turf is popularize in schools, colleges and local football players etc. The most important merit of this business is no need of working capital like raw materiel’s. So the investor have need only fixed capital on football turf ground. And it will recover with in two year and profit making.

foot ball turf ground
sevens ground make two fives

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Turf football ground size

The turf football ground size is depend up on your requirement or place. Popularity of football grew all over India day to day. In India, huge increase in football turf making seems to be the development of Indian foot ball games. The fives turf football ground size is 22 meter width and 35 meter length is normal.

The sevens Turf football ground size is 30 meter width and 45 meter length is normal. People select their Turf football ground size on the bases of their area requirement.

Artificial football turf seen in 5 aside and 7 aside in kerala. Football turf area covered by 60 mm artificial grass and surrounded by fence and net. Then the football turf ground will likely improve the football skill and efficiency of football players. So the government of India gave large support and do not implement any taxation to the investors.

football turf ground sizes

In a football turf ground sizes are different in different areas. In a fives football ground making dimension vary different in every area. Minimum 20 meter width and 30 meter length need to start a small 5 a side ground. And sevens football ground size minimum 36 meter width and 46 meter length need.The standard dimension of the turf ground are given below. The football turf ground size we make on the bases of available area for business.

Football turf ground dimension
Football turf ground size is depend up on our available area
  • Investment for installing a 5 side turf needs 25-29 lakhs and 7s needs 45- lakhs and above. Football turf investment dependent on its sizes.
  • Quality also important in artificial football turf making. The quality is not only depend up on the grass but also the installation and base work.
  • To create an artificial football turf ,panchayath permission only needed.
  • Permission important to the office building. License advantaged for the electric connection.
  • Artificial football turf making rises through out kerala. Monthly can earn minimum 2-5lakhs.profits depends on plays in the turf

Football turf ground construction

The Football turf ground construction is construction with the help of technology and system. In this construction make sure a experienced engineer for supervising your investment.

  • To construct an artificial football turf many arrangements are existed. They’re 1-clearance of plot. Plot cleared evenly with the help of a jcb.
  • Many methods to be done in slopping. sloping give preference to the size of the ground.
  • Third step drainage system. system is situated at the side of the Turf.
  • Geo textile membrane helps to cover the surface area of the ground it helps to prevent the growth of small herbs. geotextile membrane helps to flow water to underground and also control over flow of water through the sides of the drainage system.
  • drainage system provides safety for the ground.
  • next step spreading metal on the ground surface. metal should rolled by using a roller. after all set up the alignment and sloping correctly.
  • Then turf surrounded by net frame set. these are seem to be in round pipe and Square pipe model. quality of turf consists on size and dimensions.
  • More information or video presentation for turf football

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Next method is cover the net on pipes out side the football turf ground. Final stage is the spreading of grass on the ground surface. Then it is paste by using suitable gums. Before applying gums alignment should be cleared. FIFA approval CC grass are commonly use in Kerala because the kerala climate. These grass are made in China. European edle grass also used in turf, but it is not recommend in india. because of climatic changes. every artificial football turf has maximum 3 years guaranty.

rubber and fulka sand used inside the grass. this rubber protect the downfall of grassand it maintains grass level properly. fulka sand helps to absorb water from ground surface. brushing is used to the clearance of grass.

Profit from artificial football turf ground

  • In a fives a side artificial football turf ground make 1500 from one hour play. In a day make 6 – 10 play average, will make 9000 – 15000 per day. One day expenses are rent 750 + salary 800+ electricity 300+ other 200 = 2050. So minimum profit from fives a side artificial football turf ground will make the profit of 9000 – 2050 = 6950.
  • Then the sevens aside artificial football turf ground will make one play with 2500 rupees. And other wise two fives are getting with one hour. It will make 2500 rupees minimum in a hour. So fives and sevens ground are make huge profit in a month.
  • The foot ball ground are working with 30 days or full on a month so we make 30 days multiple 6950 = 208500 rupees per month.
  • In a sevens aside ground ground will make above three lakh rupees. Because in could help two fives at a time. But the investment of sevens aside ground is huge than fives aside turf ground.

Make business

The vomy india the business consulting group in kerala help to make or set to sevens aside and fives aside football turf ground any where in Kerala. We make the ground with fifa approved CC grass and making with Engineers supervising for foundation and drainage system. It will help to the climate change of Kerala and lasting for years. The football turf ground or artificial foot ball turf have not implement any taxation in government of India or Kerala. So we can easily recover our investment with in two or three years

Contact for construct your artificial ground

opp Hilite mall Palzhi
Calicut kerala
Contact :
+91 9809974448,
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