Aluminium foil container business

Aluminium foil container business is one of profit making business in Kerala. Production is a medium scale business in India on the bases of investment.

Aluminium is a non ferrous metal use numerously in packing industries. The containers kept food nicely and serves Hotly to the customers.

India plays a vital role in production of aluminium foil container. But kerala have less production unit more importing from other state of India.

aluminium foil container making machine

Aluminium foil container
Aluminium foil container

The aluminium foil container making machine are use to produce these food carried container. These containers are available in different sizes and shapes. So make sure the market demand and supply.

It has recommended size of 450 – 750. Different types of machines are available in the market. So Quality of production and production capacity are highly different for different machines.

Aluminum foil container making machine are made double gravity and single gravity. It will make 5 – 10 container with single press. The aluminium foil roll using as the the raw materiel to this machine. But the materials also will get different quality.

3 Types of foil machines

3 types of aluminium container machines are available in production of aluminum foil containers.

  1. multi level machinery – This machine produce 5 containers in one second. According to the demand of production we can increase the level of production capacity and supplying progressively. So this machine help to take a hug market as its production capacity.
  2. full automatic machine. It counts correctly by automatic system and provides pack up output. So it will low working system and less expense is the advantage of this production unit.
  3. semi automatic machinery. This unit provides less expense, low production capacity, low working system. Machine available at low rate in this technology
  4. Starting price of the machinery 14 lakh the price of machinery is different with different company and production capacity.

After production we count it properly with 2 or 3 workers. It produce 2 containers per second

Contact for foil container making machine

AKR Industries pvt ltd
Trichi -tamal nadu -India
Ph :- +9
1 8921750661

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Market of aluminium foil container

The Market of aluminium foil container is wide range marketing . So the suitable marketing strategy for foil container making business. In this type of manufacturing business have not need for advertisement but need direct marketing trough distributors. Because in this business market is wide range . Means the quantity sale is only through distributors.

  • Aluminium foil containers are available in different colours in programs. It helps to protect food in shelfs and freezers neatly.
  • foil containers are commonly use in packaging industries. It is a light weight product available different patterns. Foil containers are highly advantage in food packing industries, for food services to customers.
  • It also provides perfect package for food and plays an important role in daily routine. Foils are use at homes for baking, grilling, steaming and containers are use to pack up tightly.
  • Restaurants use the Aluminium foil containers for supplying food to customer . It also provides safety secure in food supply and protect meals from bacteria and excess moisture.
  • Aluminium foil containers widely used in airlines services for food supply. It is good barrier in food packing for transportation.
  • many brands are available in market. There is a huge growth in market development for the production of aluminum foil containers. Containers are non-toxic to nature and are heat resist and chemically neutralize in food.
  • Foil also used in packing of pharmaceutical tablets, prepared meals, bakery products, frozen meat, fishetc..
  • Flexibility categories demand of product in market. Growth rate drives by our modern lifestyle and with our busy working schedule.

After production we count it properly with 2or 3 workers. It produce 2 containers per second

Profit making from foil container unit in Kerala.

Profit making from foil container unit in kerala have a huge chance because Kerala have not enough unit for container making.

More product are came from other state like Tamilnadu,Karnadaka etc. So the chance or the demand of foil container is huge in kerala.

Profit and the development of company is depend up one market. The marketing is the most important part of every business.

So study the market before investment. Th profit making from aluminium foil container is also depend up on your sales skill.

License for start up foil container in India

License for start up foil container in India legal procedure for start up a business or manufacturing sector have been categorized on the bases of pollution. In small scales sector almost all industrial rule are same. The major process or important license is panjayath or muncipality license. All states have its own state rules and regulation. But the comparability of the states are different from each other.

  • udyog adhar
  • Panjayath or municipality license
  • pollution control board NOC
  • GST for sales and purchases
  • Bank account
  • Pan card
  • Fire and rescue NOC

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