Liquid hand wash making

Liquid hand wash making
industrial stirrer

Liquid hand wash making is the variety of preservatives it requires.  Hanwash is a blend that is clear to use.  Handwash is the chemical that is need to make a product and it is blended with the necessary ingredients.  Using in the body, all the bacteria in your hand are destroy.  Therefore, this mixture is use in all households. 

One of the main ingredients of this is water.  80% of the mixture is water.  Later, a chemical call sodium lauryl surfux is use to make this mixture.  A chemical call 10% S is use to make this.  Similarly, the liquid cocomidopropyle betane profile is use to make another coconut product .  Other chemicals include Glycerin Color cocomaid dea,Citric Acid, Salt,fragrance.

Investment for liquid hand wash

  • There is no need for more machines to make a small liquid hand wash.  A person who has to invest Rs 5000 can get started very lightly. 
  • Investors only need to use large scale construction.  Similarly, those who want mass production will also have to buy a packing machine and industrial stirrer machine.  It is only under such circumstances that this unit of investment is require. 
  • We get to buy boxes that are pack with Liquid Hand Wash Making process.  It comes in a box of 250 MLA for Rs 10.  All chemicals use for this purpose can be purchase in big cities like Kozhikode and Kochi.  Handwashing is a very easy project to start.  It also makes it very easy to sell.  The key is to create a product brand.

Enlarge your business

If it is going to start production on a large scale, it will be best selling system is distribution side marketing.  This one business profile is 100%profit side.  So there is a lot of competition for it.  Therefore, it is best for a large marketing agency to supply our goods.  As a result, we can easily sell our product and start cash flow.  Make the infrastructure very clear in the case of such a business mistake.  Otherwise, our product market demand will depend on the packing and quality of the product.  It’s not as easy to start as a very easy thing to market.  If the market was the first one, he wouldn’t have much trouble.  Otherwise, if we only want to produce and sell a your product, it will be difficult to sell.



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Materials for hand wash

  • Water is the most important ingredient needed to make a liquid hand wash.  About 80 percent of the water is used to make the hand wash.
  •   This is a very profitable product as water is usually the major part of the water as we do not have any cost. 
  • Everything that comes later is chemicals, the most important of which is SLES.  Sodium lauryl surfex is the full form of the SLES. 
  • Perfume is used for its good fragrance. We could make super smell with the help of fragrance.
  • Similarly, a chemical called CMPP is used.  cocamidopropyle betaine is the full form ofCMPP.
  •   And citric acid is used.  Salt has been used for a long time to come.
  •   Different colors are used to get different colors.You could make verity of color using the chemicals.
  • Also we need bottle for packing our product.It could make our product will different from others.

Chemicals needed to make a hand wash are available in nearer towns.  The only thing that really matters is how to be mix it.  It is important to understand how many liters of chemicals are used per liter of water.  You can mix and match according to your idea.  If you are interest in getting to know the towns where you can get chemicals, contact  Your make on your brand gives you all the help you need to make it.

Machinery for hand wash

  • One of the most important machine for making hand wash is Industrial stirrer machine.It will help to mix the chemicals perfect and set the color smoothly for sale.
  • And other side need a packing machine at the time of your production is bulk.

This two machine are compulsory for to start a hand wash unit for a branding.If you make with packing machine will be your product quality will be high.

Market in kerala

  • Hand wash is used in all hotel, office, and home.  Not every household but most of has use hand wash for cleaning purpose. 
  • The possibility of hand washing in Kerala is huge.  Just like the marketing potential, the profits are huge.  Hand wash leaves 100% profit. 
  • There are many ways to market.  In the local area, it is possible to sell goods in small shops.  When producing large quantities, it is best to sell this product through the distributor side. 
  • When selling through the distributor side it is possible to make large amount of quantity sale. 
  • Hand wash is use for wedding or entertainment. 
  • Packaging differently and making different designs smaller and larger we can enlarge the market for this.

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