paper straw making business with machinery

The paper straw making business have huge potential in the world. Because of the plastic ban. The Paper straw making machine as using for production process. Three or more paper roll looping and cutting with the help of machinery. We provide all the dtails like investment, machinery, profit, market etc below.

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Investment for paper straw making plant

Paper straw making machine

marketing tips for paper straw

Production process for paper straw machine

Material for paper straw business

License for paper straw business

paper straw making machine

Paper straw making machine

Paper Straw Making Machine is a product that is not common in Kerala.  Food paper is use.  This material is available in India and is a product import mostly from China.

Paper straw is the most demanding in the market with a span of eight to ten mm.  The material rate of this is 95 and 18% tax.  Gum is use to make three layered papers individually paired. 

paper straw making machine comes with a seven and a half kilowatt (10 HP) range.  It is a machine that gets 10kg an hour of production. 

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In that case, if a shift takes 12 hours of production, you will get 120 kg of production per day.  Packing production is doing in a separate manner. 

If you have a building with 1000 sq ft you can start the unit.  The Eco-Friendly Production Method is therefore view by the government as a green project.

Production process and potential of paper straw making business

  Production process and potential of paper straw making business can be doing very easily with the help of two employees.  If we buy the paper as a roll, we need another machine to make it sleepy.  Its name is Slipping Machine

The slipped material are available in the market. The production process are fully automatic mode. So easily understood the process with the help of few days training. The company offer free training.

The Government of Kerala is moving forward with the decision to ban plastic disposable items.  Paper straw making is therefore a very viable business.  If you have interest in purchasing a machine of this type please fill in the form provided above and submit it to us.

Investment for paper straw making plant

The investment for paper straw making plant are building expenditure,machinery, electrical connection and paper work. The investment for any business will be on the bases of your project and plan.

We describe here for small scale project on the bases of machine capacity. So you should be calculate your business plan on the bases of your project.

Building investment

A small scale project have only single machine with production. So small area need for building construction. We need building space with 5 meter width and 10 meter length. In the pollution control board rule “make space 10 meter distance from others land”.

If you are construct the building with GI pipe and sheet, it should be the cost of 250 for one squire feet. So we calculate how much squire feet will be came on 10 length and 5 meter width. It will be 600 squire feet building, So the building investment for paper straw making business will be 600*250 = 150000 Indian rupee.

Machinery investment for paper straw

The machinery investment for paper straw making business will be on the bases of production capacity of the machine. The different production capacity as well as the production technology are available. We describe here for the machinery calculation of investment, The production capacity of 45 piece per min. So the machinery investment for paper straw should be 14 lakh Indian rupee.

The main investment is in the installation of machinery.  To reduce some working capital when we have the Fully Automatic Machine installed.Because we can reduce the number of employees in the unit.

Electrical connection and paper work

Similarly, electricity connection is required.  A unit of this type of machine three-phase connection might be need.  One such expense will cost around Rs. 1.7 lakh including connection and work.

  Paper clearance is what is needed to make it a license and then comes.  License GST,Panchayat/ Municipality License, Pollution,Health etc.  It will get a paper clearance of about Rs 30,000. 

The cost of installing and other travel and similar hiring has come up later.  We have to look at the minimum cost of Rs 60,000. 

Total investment for paper straw making unit

Building investment – 1.5 Lakh
Machinery investment – 14 Lakh
Electrical and paper – 2 Lakh
Other expenditure – 60000
Total – 18.1 Lakh Indian rupee.

Marketing tips for paper straw making business

Next,we will discuss about the marketing tips for paper straw making business . You can able to do market of the products like paper straw three different ways. Another merit of this business is the market of these products will not end. This business would be there till the mankind is remains. Because this product are on of the disposable item.

Branding your product

Branding is an essential factor in the case paper straw product . We can able to sell bulk of products without branding in paper straw. Packing and labeling are the essential factors. It will help to identify your product in the market.

You must take care of while do branding in factor of brand name and emblem. The label should be there and the packing should be attractive. Applying a brand name and emblem on the packet is better. You can also able to do advertisement in a small manner for marketing

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is the best profitable marketing method. While doing direct marketing you need a direct marketing staff. This help to make it more transparent.

So take someone like that and send him to the market to understand how important our facts are in the market. After that supply our goods direct to marketplaces. This way we can makes a maximum profitable ratio in our business.

The third one is the check exporting possibilities to other countries.

  • Plastic Straw is using for drinking water in most part of Kerala.  Using a plastic straw will not ruin in the nature .  Therefore the scope of the paper straw is huge. 
  • Naturally, paper straw are more expensive from plastic but the paper straw destroy by nature means no pollution.  At the government level, a store called Plastic Free Kerala is more likely to grab a quick market for paper straws. 
  • The specialty of paper straw is that they can be ruined if used with them.  Therefore, there will be no man who is full of filth.  There are so many cool bars in every town in Kerala where straw use is prevalent. 
  • Although they have not been readily applied to the market, the presence of the market will eliminate the plastic straw.  That way we can expand the market and increase production

Material in paper straw making machine

  • Paper is the the necessary materials for the construction of the paper straw machine.  It is a process of making a three layer of paper can setting on the machine and getting it paired and joined automatically. 
  • Similarly, glue is used for joining it.  This is done by pruning the different types of prints in good color and then printing them in part.
  •  60, 90, 120 gsm paper Used for making papers straw production.  Materials range in price from Rs 85 to Rs 90.  The production capacity is 80 kg to 100 kg / day.

Machinery availability

  • Chennai coimpatur is also home to Tamil Nadu-based industrial district.  There is the nearest place we can get the paper straw making machine.
  • Mostly imported machines are sold in India with their own responsibility.  Therefore, all the maintenance services that come with this machinery are available in India. 
  • If you want to start a unit of this type, you will get the full range of details required.  To do that, please fill out the required form above and submit it to us. provides you with business consulting.

License procedure for paper straw unit in Kerala

The License procedure for paper straw making business with machine are given below. We listed what are the license need for the start up process.

  • SSI Registration (Udyog Adhar )
  • Pnjayath or municipality license
  • Polution control board
  • GST

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