chalk making business ideas or plane

The chalk making business ideas or plane will come different type and different process. All details are given below for beginners and start up process. In this article have incleded all the details about the start up for chalk making unit.

chalk making business ideas or plane
price 50000 + gst +Training +one year warranty
  • The chances of making chalk with the using of chalk making machine are very huge.  Because a the investment is very little than other machines variety of firearms are available on the market, it is used to relieve lakhs of chalk a moths. 
  • Similarly in educational institutions like school madrassa, it can be used for board purposes.And small koora patta  like that disturbance are removing using chalk.
  • The materials used for the manufacture of chalk are plaster of Paris.  Using one subject, we can make a thousand chalk in a single production. 
  • The methods used for marketing it are very different.  Chalk is a great profit-making method because of the large difference between the rate of sale and the rate of material.  There are many educational institutes in Kerala that use chalk.  Those who need machinery for chalk making should submit the form below.

Machinery Availability for chalk making business ideas or plane

There are many different types of chalk making machines for chalk making business ideas or plane .  It has fully automatic and semi-automatic small and large etc. 

For someone who is just starting out small, taking a semi-automatic machine is a good idea.  It can produce 1000 chalk at a time.

  This means that the time to produce a process need 20 minutes to make chalk. 

Therefore, getting a Feeling a Thousand product is merit that has great production capacity. 

Then there is the peculiarity of this: we have to change the die to mushroom lizard stuff to make it poisonous. 

Similarly, when a business moves beyond just one machine, it will face many difficulties.  Then start with a little cost production with candle as well as sandalwood products.

Contact supplier for machinery

Shri Sairam engineering
-Ganapath,coimbatore – 641006
Email :
PH : 9944554857,9442114457

Materials for chalk making business

water, plaster of parries are the major material for making chalk. For chalk making business ideas or plane have different color and different purpose. So the ingredients for the chalk making process is different from different purposes.

  • Plaster of parris is the main and only material for making chalk.Plaster of parris and water mixing with equal quantity and fill into the die that we set.It will sett with in 20 minuts
  • The availability of plaster of parris is huge so the material availability is not a matter.
  • If you need to produce different color so can purchase color as the second material.
  • We need to produce some poisons chalk for removing insects from home,that can use some poisons that allowed by govet of india for making.(we talk chayi podi in malayalam )that can use for poison.
  • Two die will reduce your risk for production of different type of chalk making

Marketing tips for chalk making business

  • When we go out into the market with a product like chalk, we are going to have some big problems.  Because there will be very few customers who need to purchase that product because they have enough stock or other reason.
  •  Then the single tips that start to sale some other product with chalk.Select same category like wax candle,or other it will help one product or other to catch market.
  • Everybody knows the market for the board chalk and if the school works for a year, it needs it all year long.  so marketing is something to consider. 
  • To do that, we have come to carry on business through a wholesale dealer who does business in different areas.  Similarly when we do directors, the best thing is to do a three or four product. 
  • That way our product can quickly become up to market and we can do it without any hassle of marketing.  We can sell one or the other product.

Profit and loss from chalk making business ideas or plane

The profit and loss using chalk making machine is depend up on the sale. How or what is the quantity of sale will determine your profit.

  • Production capacity of single process is equal to 1000 chalk.
  • Its need 5 kg plaster off parris.Its means 1 chalk weight is = 5 gm.
  • one box sett including 140 chalk or 50 chalk how its setting is your choice.The MRP is = 60 rupees for one box.
  • So material rate come from RS 8-15 /kg and it will be sale at the price of 150-200 / Kg .mean a huge profit will make through chalk business.

Licence for the chalk making business ideas or plane

Panjayath or municipality license is the most important license for start up chalk making as a small scale industry. (If you start at home in small production with out the help of machinery no need of any license ).

Udhyog adhar : – If you start the chalk making business as a small scale production unit . You should register your company in the industrial sector of your government. In India called Udhyog adhar

Bank account (current account ) : – If you start chalk making business as small scale production unit must take a bank account for your legal money transaction. Example purchase and sales etc.

GST for business (goods and service tax ): – In India there is a tax system for business and earnings. So register your company with Gst for inter state or bulk sale. Documents for GST registration are given below.

  • Panjayath or municipality license
  • Bank account
  • PAN card
  • Passport size photo
  • Digital sign

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