wax candle mold

wax candle mold

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wax candle mold

Total investment for wax candle mold

  • A small investment is need to start a wax candle making unit.  You will need to buy at least one six mold for start up.  Because it can be useful to avoid the strain when it comes to marketing as a single size of candle product. 
  • Similarly, we need wax are the materiel for production.  This is an industry where you can start in the side home or start at home. 
  • Sixty-five thousand to one and a half lakh machinery are available if you use semi-automatic machines. 
  • We can start a business like this if we make it with mold.  Materials come in large quantities and it can cost up to Rs. 100/kg in the market.  This is why working capital is also small we need to start production.
  •   This is because the maximum production of a day using a mold is less than 100 kg.  In short, a candle making plant is a very easy unit for someone with a one and a half lakh rupees.

Material for wax candle mold

  • Wax is one of the most used material to make wax candles.  It has the necessary color to add color and beauty to it.  Similarly, Wax Candle make flexible and Strong also uses chemicals that require flexibility.  Flora cent colors are the most used. 
  • Materials Wax is available in different quality items.  The price of a wax depends on material quality.  Making prices are now available in Kerala ranging from Rs 75 to Rs 100.  The quality of the product is determined by the quality of the wax use the time of production and makevquality.

Machinery availability of wax candle making

The machine is also available to make wax candle in Kerala.  Machines and Materials are supply by the Cochin based companies in kerala.  Newcomers are get training the methods for its production.  A small working candle made of mold.  Candle production is a job that can be learn very easily.  They are giving the training in a very clear way and without any major criteria.  Those who are in need of this kind of machine please fill out the form below and submit it to us. we will give you all support and training for start up.

contact manufacturer

  • Liya Candles
  • 33/1374,chalikkavattom
  • Kochi-682028
  • Email : liyacandles@gmail.com

PH : 0091 9846208349

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market demand wax candle

  • Candle is a product that has become part of the rituals of the Christian faith. 
  • As well as for lighting purposes in homes.  A candle is used to see the light when it is rotating. 
  • In Christian churches, candles are lit as part of the ritual.  Similarly, using such a product, lighting the lamp required for the celebration.  In the stands is a project with a lot of market demand. 
  • It is sold in all the small shops.  The market is therefore focused on small businesses in local areas. 
  • By delivering distributors when we start production in a big way, we are able to selling our product in large quantities.  When it comes to large scale production, big profits come.

License need for star up in kerala

  • If a unit that starts candle production is small, it does not need a license. 
  • Under the new law, the government does not even require a panchayat license for investments below Rs 5 lakh.  Candle production is one such unit of production. 
  • Therefore, these types of businesses that start with small businesses do not require a license.  If there was a big sale, then GST neede it.  If you are selling in the local area you will also no need of GST.

wax candle mold Candle production is a business that can be easily start with little investment.  Sitting at home and being self-employment can produce something like remembering a job.  What we need is the first cheap missionaries.  Most of the construction work is doing using mold without using the machine.  It can make an unwanted semi-automatic machine.  Large production takes place when such a mission is used.  The materials needed for its construction are the perfume word, color and sequences.  It can be made very cheaply. 

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