Tissue paper making business with machinery

How to Start tissue paper making business is a question for beginners. It is a very good business in the growing economy in the world . In this website explore all equipment and material details about the start up process. The napkin paper making business have not much investment need so easy to start. Them machinery and the building are major investment in all business.

Tissue paper machine

Tissue paper machine

power   –            3 hp single phase

color     –             single or double color

design –             single or double embossing

size                    11 feet length 3 feet width   6 feet height

production        1700-2000 packet/8 hour


RS                          4,50000 – 600000

1-transporting+ gst additional 

2-one year warranty for all parts and free service 

Machinery for tissue paper making business

The machinery for tissue paper making business have available in different type . Tissue paper have a market with a large area for various purposes such as soft hard and hand cleaning as well as toilet cleaning. 

It has very different types of machines. Single color printing, multi color printing, single embossing tissue making machine, double embossing napkin paper  making machine. 

We can make two sizes in a single machine with printing.  This is a product that has a good market in printed product. An also make single color printing and double color printing on a single machine.

Indian-made tissue paper making machine are available from all the surrounding states as well as foreign-made machinery.

Its technology is so update that technology is available to us in whatever way the product is pack. The fully automatic machine are available . It will help to pack the final product with the help of machinery.

Tissue paper
Tissue paper

This soft tissue paper is the most quality paper.  The most used quality  in India are the semi-soft one below it and the other one called the hard and the hard one. 

It determines its quality. Well, this is the same as GSM 16 17 18 GSM. The same is true for soft 16 semi soft 17 hard 18 GSM. It size is determined  by its length and width.

Machine availability or specification for tissue paper making

There are different type of machinery for tissue paper making business ideas. They are define her for Machine availability or specification for tissue paper making.

  • Machine 3 Type Machine Coming that Ordinary,with printing and double embossing Type. Coming Ordinary Type with out printing.
  •   The second one comes with the printing only single color. We have a two color printing machine. 
  • As well as single embossing and double embossing machines.  Tissue Paper is set to be a Dublin 2 design.  It would be nice to see and nice to tech.
  • The machine is available in our neighboring Tamil Nadu Coimbatore.  The only thing we have to take care of when picking up the machine is company back up. 
  • Coimbatore itself has a lot of companies making tissue paper making machines.  The important thing is to choose and buy a good company.  This website will help you do that.  Please fill in the form provided above and submit it to us.

Contact machinery

Feather tech paper machine PVT LTD
Sanganoor, Coimpature
Tamilnadu India
PH : +919597743986

Market about tissue paper business

The market about the business have a huge potential and demand. The most demanded tissue Paper Sizes, which have the highest market size, are 20*20, 22*20, 27*30,30*30. This is the tissue paper for most demand in market for cleaning purpose . Of these, there are three types of materials use for this purpose: soft,semi soft and hard which has the largest market share. 

Direct selling – The direct marketing is the best and suitable marketing strategy in the world on the bases of small production. In the direct marketing your risk will be huge but the profit also be huge. Here How to start tissue paper making business we provide where are in your direct market. Hotels, Grocery shops,catering service, and other shops etc.

Distribution side marketing – Find your distributor, So this is the easy way to sell your product with bulk quantity. This business also make a huge turnover in your business.

Exporting is marketing process – We provide the marketing strategy for How to start tissue paper making business. Export your product in to foreign countries with their own quality.

How to find out the customer for tissue paper

Business success is not about making any product, but selling it. How to find out the customer for tissue paper is not a big problem. So we have to learn where to sale that product.  As far as tissue paper is concerned, it is a market that has been around a lot .

  Services are used everywhere, from hotels to wedding receptions.  What we mean by selling this is always the way a manufacturer should adopt it is to find great distributors. 

The people who make the most profit are those who increase production capacity.  So the people who make it, try to find the distributors instead of going where they need to sell. 

There are many ways we can find out the distributors. One of the most least cost-effective ways we can sell our product is to use distributors to throw away social media.  So we can share the little sheep and the gossip via Facebook and WhatsApp.

  There are YouTube channels where you can share your business ideas so we can promote ours.  That way we can slowly sell our product and turn it into a larger manufacturing facility.

  This website will help you to sell or promote any kind of product.  We can’t see a person who has succeeded without taking effort.  If you are willing to put in the effort, you will surely succeed.

Material for Tissue paper making business

There are different type of material for tissue paper making business. They are soft, Semi soft and hard. It include different GSM TAhts are given below. Here we solved material for How to start tissue paper making business.

Contact for material

South India Paper Solutions
 125/1, NSR Rd, Sai baba colony
coimpatore Tamilnadu India
Ph : 096009 01024

  • There are three types of materials used for the manufacture of tissue paper.   Paper is the most used material for this type of materials.  But it also has soft, semi-soft and hard-to-find collections. 
  • Quality comes from 15 GSM to 18 GSM.  That means the software will come in 15 GSM,16 17 GSM are semi soft. The 18 GSM is hard material but it constant. 
  • Hard material is the most demand product in the market.
  •   And other material we use for this product is the plastic covers that work on the covers to make the packing process.
  •   Then packing and selling the covers as a cartoon box, the boxes were numbered into 100, 200 packet in one cartoon box, and boxed into larger and smaller boxes. 
  • Similarly, the ink required to print is the next material.  All this material is available in Kerala. 
  • We get it directly from big companies and we get a small quantity from distributors in Kerala.  That is, materials availability is very transparent when it comes to tissue paper making.

Investment for tissue paper making business

The Investment for tissue paper making business are building investment,machinery investment,electrical work and connection and paper procedure. In this business have not need about huge investment like other small scale industry.

Building investment

The minimum area for tissue paper unit needed 5 meter width and 7 meter length . It have the enough place for stocking area of raw material and final product in a single machine. So the construction charge will be on the bases of squire feet. The 5 meter width and 7 meter length are came 420 Squire feet . One squire feet expense will be 250 Indian rupee. So the building investment will be 420*250 = 105000 Indian rupee.

Machinery Investment

Machinery investment for napkin paper making business on the bases of your requirement or project report. So we calculate single machine for production . The all system excluding packing machine the investment will be 5.5 lakh Indian rupee.

Electrical connection and work investment on the bases of allocation of electrical supply. And also make the area we selected. The average investment will be 75000 Indian rupee.

Paper clearance and license procedure for flour mill is very easy on the bases of our legal capability. The investment should be 25000 Indian rupee.

Total Investment for Tissue paper making unit

Building investment – 105000
Machinery investment – 550000
Electrical investment – 75000
License investment – 25000
Total investment – 755000 (7.75 lakh Indian rupee)

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