Machinery for packaged drinking water plant

Machinery for Machinery for packaged drinking water plant include pet bottle making machine,water treatment system,water filling machine, and sealing machine.

Design and manufactures a full range packaging and beverage line. Provide custom solutions based on the philosophy high performance highly oil level symbol to use. Service and spare parts are available in every where.

Water and oxygen are necessary for entity of life. In this modern era the water or mineral water business growing day by day. So the bottle line market potential is very high.

The Machinery for packaged drinking water plant available all countries in the world, It has local and branded companies are available.

Machinery for bottle plant
Machinery for bottle plant

water and wast water treatment system for packaged drinking water plant

Water and wast water treatment system for packaged drinking water plant depend on the quality of RAW water resources and the usage of water.

Generally water treatment system including two technology. Pre treatment membrane technology and sterilization Technology.

Pretreatment system including multimedia filter active carbon filter software iron manage magnet removal filter ultrafiltration microfiltration etc.

Remembrance Technologies including r o membrane Iron exchange method the Civilization including Ozone for UV sterilization and reverse osmosis mixed bed demineralizing system and EDI or CDI treatment.

In this water treatment machine for packaged drinking water plant help to filter and convert wast water to drinking water.

So the availability of product quality will make good market demand. It will help the development of our business without any tension.

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Machinery for water bottle making or blow molding machine

Machinery for packaged drinking water bottle making or blow molding machine is using to produce mineral water pet bottles, jar, and other bottle.

This machine is the Advanced technology counterpart on the basis of the modern technology. Trent for domestic blowing equipment to high speed high volume development specially develop for pure water and mineral water Pet bottle blowing.

Machinery for water bottle plant
pet bottle material for Machinery for water bottle plant

The modern machine has reasonable structure, small footprint, low power consumption, gas consumption, good stability and many other advantages.

In line with national food hygiene standards in the domestic leading level. The device is ideal equipment for all type of domestic and medium sized companies. The Machinery for water bottle making or blow molding machine is necessary for mineral water plant.

Water filling machine for package drinking water plant

The modern technology for water filling machine for water plant using different technology for different materiel like CSD filling, hot water filling, water and CSD filling, Gallon filling etc.

Water filling monobloc Adopts neck handling by gripper bottle transmission. Fully automatic rain sensing filling and capping by PLC control.

No bottle no rights rims International brand electrical components for product contact for made of qualified stainless steel. Which wearable stable with less malfunctions.

Labelled machine for identity

Labelled machine for identity is using to stick or punch brand name on bottle or cap.

It will help to identify your product on market,Labelled machine can be divided into four different type by intensive used labelling cold, glue, stick Label hot melt, glue leveler and combined leveler with latest Roll filled:

The machine help to fix your own market demand. Station and hot melt design for empty bottle or field Pet bottle.

  • For start up process making water unit have needed some papers for license and lab need for ISI trad mark.
    • For drinking water line we make 2000 squire feet building for machine installation to the production line..
    • Panchayath or municipality license need in India. For making this license we should make some other paper like health, FSI,pollution,and fire and safety declaration .
    • Udhyogathar for SSI registration.
    • GST registration for sales and purchases.
    • labor certificate .

Machinery for water bottle plant are available in all countries in the world. You should determine your production capacity,technological side before select.

The materiel quality of the machine will make real able working condition. That should help to increase your company production capacity and profit.

License for packaged drinking water

  • Ground water license
  • Gramapanchayath license
  • Pollution control board NOC
  • Bureau of indian standard (BIS)
  • Fire & risque NOC
  •  Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI License)
  • GST
  • Factories and Boilers
  • paper from legal metrology

Profit from packaged drinking water

Profit from packaged drinking water is very high from other product. If have to get enough water its purification and filling cost only 5 indian rupees is maximum.

It will sales on retail market price is equal to 50 indian rupees. And it will sales on whole sale market price is equal to 18/19 indian rupees.

The profit depend on the production capacity of the plant. If the plant production capacity is 1000 jar per day will be get the calculation below.

  • Minimum profit earning from retail per jar = rs 13. Then calculate or multiple its in to 1000 jar production per day = Rs 13000.
  • Maximum profit will get through retail business. Its calculation per jar = rs 45 . Then calculate or multiple into 1000 jar per production per day = Rs 45000.
  • So per month have 26 working day. So multiple this profit to 26 day = 338000 and 1170000 . The profit from 1000 jar production plant will come 3.38 lakh and 11.7 lakh Indian rupees in India.

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