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Pvc pipe machine extrusion help to make pvc wiring pipe where to sell full unit including cooling tank,take up and cutter. It have two die sutable for 20 mm and 19 mm pvc conduit pipe. This machine production process through single screw 40 kg production capacity per hour. Electronic drive control help to control machine speed what we want to set the speed of the machine production. Also the dc moter of the take have dc electronic speed controller help to keep the product weight and quality of finished goods. The cooling tank help to set the round and size are make perfect pvc pipe. This pvc pipe machine screw dimension is 65mm. The profit and business details are given below If you want to study this business keep scroll below content.


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Pvc pipe making machine in kerala

pvc pipe machine
  1. Pvc pipe making machine have electronic control with gear box housing and Screw barrel. The screw dimension is 65 mm to make good melting and 40 kg out put per hour.
  2. This machine having barrel cover so the heater are protected and heat controlling will be stable. So the electrical loss will control here through the cover and protect heater from air and carbon powder.
  3. Including heater and heater controller for make suitable heat settings. This machine situated in kerala have negotiable price. The pvc pipe making machine in keral have different company and different model.
  4. 25 kg capacity for cooper is there so one time fill in the copper can make 30 minutes production will taken. So after 30 minutes can fill the cooper for production.
  5. The panel board of pvc pipe making machine help to controll all over production process like speed, heat adjustment, on or off switch etc.

Pvc pipe take up machine

Pvc pipe take up machine
  1. Dc moter take up machine using for take up the melted pipe from machine ad pull it through water for cooling purpose.
  2. Pvc pipe take up machine help to keep same weight of the pipe. it have the speed control that dc electronic speed controller help stable and suitable speed for take up. This process keep the weight stable for final product.
  3. This machine is adjustable height and working with help of gear box. So setting time help to set any size of pipe through this machine.
  4. The process manufacturing pvc pipe the take up will mus to run.

Pvc pipe cutting machine

Pvc pipe cutting machine
  1. The pvc cutting machine using for cut the pipe when in make proper length.
  2. The machine should be move at the time of our arranged length will come then make to cut the pvc pipe manually for final product. In kerala market have three meter is the standard length for wiring pipe.
  3. In this machine will move one or two meter automatically before cutting. It will help to reduce wastage.



  • Wiring with a PVC pipe is a must for any type of electrical connection, whether it is a building, a home or a castle.  Therefore, a house. With a 1000 1500 sq ft capacity should have 100 to 150 PVC pipes wiring pipe need for electrical work. 
  • This means that if you have large buildings, a lot of concrete pipe is needed.  Similarly, PVC is also used to bind flags such as flags.  Similarly, PVC PIP is used to make broom-like accessories that are taller. 
  • So the PVC pipe is too big to be a possibility.  There will be one, two or three electrical shops in each market that can be sold in such stores.  The district only sells wiring for over a ton of pipe a day.


The profit calculation of every product as its weight and price depend up on the materiel cost. The pvc pipe making business have materiel side that are Resin,wax,stearic acid ,carbon black,calcium carbonate,titanium etc. The ordinary pipe of wiring will make pvc pipe scrap as using materiel. If you are using resin and chemicals for ordinary pipe will production cost increase than market price of final product. But that product have its own market based on its quality.

The pvc wiring pipe making business have 19 rupees profit from one kg of final product. One day production capacity for the machine is 300-350 kg. So 6650 rupees per day profit must to can less the expenses per day have 3000 for salary electricity and other. So make 3650 rupees profit per day. Profit making with pvc pipe will increase trough to increase our production capacity.

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