Business start up in kerala

The first thing you need to do to business start up in kerala is must need a plan.  Below is a list of what to look for when planning. 

  • The thing we need to plan is which product we should choose as a business and study its market. 
  • If we plan then we need to plan where we can get the required machine and raw materials.
  •   If both of those are ready, then what we have to plan is how much the investment will cost.
  •   Once you have made the investment, in which country it is located, you need to make a plan about which project requires the licenses of the country.  You have to be well-versed in the marketing required to sell this product. 
  • So once the building machinery and license is ready and installed, then you need to find a good worker who can run and produce this machine.  So once the product is started, we can sell it in our product market.
  • Business start up in kerala could study above ideas for well to get major profit for care to get loss.

market study for start up

The market study we need when the product comes to production before product we choose, we need to realize that there is a lot to learn.  Below I have listed the most important of them for Business start up in kerala.

  • One is that we need to know in which size the product is going to be packed like same product on market.  Otherwise, you will need to study the size of the product on the bases of demand.  It should be aware of which or what style has the highest market demand.
  • Equally important, in which state is this product left in the market, we need to understand the difference between the different companies and the quality.  It is important to study what kind of competence is most in demand in the market. 
  • Then it is good to understand how many people they need to use that product or market demand of the product are very important whether it is a reusable item or a one-time-only use in a persons or family in their life.If disposable product is most demanded product in market.
  •   If the product chosen is one of the most underused products in the market, it can be difficult to do if the product is large competition. 
  • Conduct the selection only after studying the selected product on market.

Machines for Business start up in kerala

For start a business

A lot of things to keep in mind when buying a machine is that the products that need a product are manufactured in different ways to start business.  Machine are getting at the same product will vary differed technology and model. Materials and production capacity are different with different companies. There are a lot of things to note below for Business start up in kerala. 

  • The first thing you should consider when buying a machine is the backup of the machinery company we are buying.  It is best to take on the machine of companies that maintain a well-known quality standard. 
  • MISSIONARY PRICE not a good thing is the quality of the machinery is its most important things.  Because when the problems come in the machinery, the workers, as well as our time cash, will suffer even greater losses. 
  • Similarly, when buying a machine, it is important to make a mold according to our product size.  Similarly, when it comes to the machine, we need to determine how much production capacity we need. 
  • Machinery is the best with the most updated technology.  If you have a large unit, the best automatic production option would be a full automation machine.  The uniqueness of such a unit is that it can significantly reduce the number of employees, thereby reducing our working cost. 
  • Whenever you take on a machine, always choose the best quality machinery from our country or our neighbors.  Because when something is damaged, we can do its work very quickly and it will help us move things forward. 
  • If you are someone who is not familiar with the machine or who is not familiar with the machine, it would be best to consult with a consultant who is familiar with it.

INVESTMENT TO Business start up in kerala

  • Machinery investment
  • building expenses
  • electricity and water connection
  • paper clearance
  • working capital
  • vehicle for loading

This are the most important investment if start big or medium scale production unit.The investment will increase or decrease on the bases of our planning.

LICENSE PROCEDURE FOR Business start up in kerala

A unit license for production is mandatory in any country.  Below we describe the requirements for licensing and the advantages of having a license. 

  • Licensing also involves transferring a product recognized as one of our product legal .  It therefore removes the difficulties of doing business in the country in accordance with the laws of that country. 
  • When a unit starts with the approval of the government, it can get subsidies provided by the government. 
  • Similarly, using our license eliminates the difficulties of advertising our product.
  •   If local or other trade unions are making any allegations against our company, we can take legal action.
  •   With our license we have the authority to purchase our materials from here any where in the country. 
  • If a unit is started without a license, it can be ordered to close at any moment by the government.  If that happens, we will incur a huge loss on our investments total. 
  • License is mandatory for the purpose of obtaining a loan from the bank and the project report containing the procedure.

Its important to select our staff even a tea maker in the company as good and responsive person.It will be a good asset in our company development.

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