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wayanad is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala.  A lot has changed in Wayanad education and technology.  Kinfra Industrial Park is located in this district.  Similarly, there are various educational institutions in Wayanad.  There is a huge boom in infrastructure.  It is one of the largest tribal districts in Kerala.  A good portion of the Western Ghats pass through.  A lot has changed in education and technology. 

Education in vayanad

Being a tribal majority, education is of lesser importance in Wayanad.  Here is a district where hundreds of students are out of school.  There are very few people who get a higher education.  The government has given a lot of promotion but there is a very low level of education.  There are 266 schools out of which 126 are lower primary schools and 77 upper primary schools and 53 higher secondary schools.  There are two higher secondary schools and three teachers training schools under the education department.

Jobs in wayanad

Most of the work in this district is dependent on agriculture.  Due to its hilly area, most of the people are employed in agriculture.  The main crops grown here are cardamom, pepper, coffee and tea.  Most of the orchards are in the lease process and farmers are selling them. the place is a manufacturing hub for handicrafts.  There is a huge market demand for tribal handicrafts.  These items are mostly based on tourists.  For this purpose, the cultivation of trees and shrubs is used in forest cultivation.  there is one of the major tourist attractions of Kerala.  Therefore, hotels and hotel rooms are very crowded in majorTowns.

  There are small scale industries are work.  Therefore, most of the industrial Product come to the district from outside.  For this purpose there are businessmen who are distributing in different areas.  Wayanad has all the major retail businesses as well as vehicle sales.  Vehicle sales are moderate in the Wayanad district.

Tourism in wayanad

Wire is an important tourist place in Kerala.  Wayanad has many attractions for tourists.  The region is known for its natural beauty and mountain range.  Edakkal Cave.  Chembra Peak.  Pumpkin.  Pookodu lake.  Kuruvaadweep.  Soochippara Falls is a popular tourist attraction.  The scenic beauty of Wayanad is easy to enjoy along the banks of the Thamarassery Pass.  Muthabga is a wildlife sanctuary to be a large forest animal are wild elephants, tigers, wild boars and deer.

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