water treatment system or Water filtration plant

Water treatment system or water filtration plant are using for water purification in the mineral water business or beverage processing. The treatment system depends on the quality of water resource and the usage of water. Generally water treatment system including pre-treatment membranes technology and sterilization Technology. Pre-treatment system including multimedia filter,active carbon filter, softener,Iron-manganese,removal filter,ultra filtration,micro filtration etc. Membranes Technologies including RO membranes Ion exchange method. Sterilization including Ozone for UV sterilizer and reverse osmosis mix Edward mineralizing system and for EDI orCDI treatment. The water treatment system or filtration plant are mostly used mineral water plant. So different technology and different materiel are using for this machin.

water treatment system or Water filtration plant
water treatment system or Water filtration plant

Where are apply water treatment system

  • The application of water treatment system is mainly for water for food and beverage processing treated purified drinking water.
  • Mineral water mean mineralized water
  • beverages blending water and clear liquid health care products.
  • Brackish water and seawater desalination.
  • Water for electronic industry ,Water for washing electronic components such as Intel integrated circuits, Silicon water display tubes etc.
  • Water supplier for boulders water for pharmaceutical industry.
  • Condense and recycle useful substances from the solution during the industrial production.
  • Other pure water Ultra Pure water equipment not mentioned.
  • The Water filtration plant is mostly using for water cleaning for drinking water purpose.

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fully stainless steel water treatment system

water treatment system or Water filtration plant
water treatment system or Water filtration plant1

Fully automatic stainless steel applications for water treatment system for water purification help comfort production. Integrated membrane system with ultrafiltration are An effective solution for free treatment of reverse osmosis(RO) desolation system. This system offer reliable handling of difficult to manage water in region. That have feet traditionally experienced feed water and treatment problems. System of fully automatic to reduce labour cost and enhance availability. The combination of ultrafiltration and can enhance productivity while delivering consistent water quality.

Price of the water treatment machine

The price of water treatment machine depend on size and requirement of the machine. It means the production capacity and usages of the machine. All machines are different in its function on the bases of our requirement. Like water for food and beverage process,purified drinking water,beverage blending water,health care product etc. All kind of machinery have its own production capacity and customized size for machine. It will affect the prices of that machine. The machine rate will start 5 lakh and above on the bases of requirement. The revers osmosis (RO) machine are using several part of the food processing unit.

Beverage processing system

Beverage processing system
  • Hot water system
    • hot water for sugar dissolving for syrup : It help to make suger syrup, no need to use sugar to our product.
    • hot water for fruit juice or concentrate or milk powder reconstituting – It including setting natural expiry date for the product. No need to chemical usage for the expiry date.
  • Sugar dissolving system
    • simple and final syrup preparation with sterilization for soft drink.
    • Filtration cooling and storage system included in this machine
  • Concentrate dosing and batching system
    • No need for additional chemical reconstitute juice ,tea for batching system.
  • Blending (batching) system
    • mixing syrup with expiry date for soft drink or fruits juice with out any chemical use.
    • Blending water according to the process requirement bases of blending tank.
  • CIP System
    • three tank CIP system with separate heat exchange.
  • Extraction system
    • Extraction tank structure with automatic discharging slag system. It improve extraction efficiency and safety standard. In this machine suitable for tea juice extraction.

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