Corrugated box making business with machine

corrugated box making business is a business with carton box production. In this box are making with paper roll with the help of corrugated box making machinery. The usage of corrugated box are many areas like exporting, packaging, protection of fruits,vegetable etc.

Different type of cartoon box making machine are using for the production process. Thats are manual machine semi automatic and fully automatic. For a startup in this business only need semi automatic machine.

The production capacity of this machine is three tone per day. The corrugated box making business with machine have huge profit on the bases of market demand.

Investment for corrugated box making

Profit from carton box making business

Contact for machinery

Materials for corrugated box

Market demand for corrugated box

Semi automatic corrugated box making machine


Classic.paper corrugating machine bearing mounted oblique type for Semi automatic corrugated box making machine have one main heater 33 kw & 3 kw one pre heater & motor 7.5 h.p. (speed 30 to35mtr/min).

All with one set of narrow flute rolls & onepressure roll (en-19 imported) with tubular heater, gum circulating system, hydraulic heavyduty self loading reel stand.

Business ideas/corrugated box making
Business ideas/corrugated box making

Features of semi automatic carton box making machine

  • heavy duty high speed flute roller center roll dia-250mm, upper
    roll dia-230mm, pressure roll dia-250mm
  • s. s. tubular heaters.gum circulation system to maintain the vescosity of gum.
  • complete tool set with tool box for the machine.
  • hydraulic heavy duty self loading reel stand.
  • motorised, centralised lubricating system with timer
    s.s. gum tray.
  • with high temperature grease for rollers.
  • motor will be of havells/abb/crompton/kisan make


automatic heavy duty standerd model paper reel to sheet cutting machine
with complete gear set & with ac motor & ac control panel with ac drive &
all accessories.

Business ideas/corrugated box making
Business ideas/corrugated box making

Sheet pasting machine for corrugated box making .

heavy duty sheet pasting machine using for pasting two or more carton paper . In this corrugated box making machine with 2nos. pu coated rolls & 1no hard chrome plated rolls, s.s gum (rust-free) tray. heavy machine body with extra strength with branded ac motor & with all standard accessories.

carton box making machine


heavy duty four bar rotary cutting & creasing machine with 4 sets of
creasing dies and 4 sets of cutting dies complete. In this corrugated box making machine using as a creasing and cutting machine.

with 4 shafts are grinded for accurate and easy movement of cutters and creasers. Including with motor and starter complete in-all-respects.

corrugated box making


heavy duty semi automatic combined rotary slotting & cutting
creasing machine with control panel & all standard accessories.

Business ideas/corrugated box making
corrugated box making machine


Business ideas/corrugated box making
corrugated box making machine

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Investment for corrugated box making business

Building investment for carton box making business

Building investment for carton box making business will be run up to 5 lakh on the bases of area of the building. The area of building need minimum 3600 squire feet for semi automatic corrugated box making machinery installation.

The design for the building make open or air free. Because the gum need to dry very fast for the making process. Investment expenditure on building depends on the materials we used in its construction.

Usually it constructed by using GI sheets and GI pipes. If you are constructing a building in your own land, you should keep at least a distance of 10 meters from the land of anybody else. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to get NOC from Pollution Control Board.

Approximately, it will have the area of 3600 square feet if you are constructing a building with 20 meter length and 15 meter width. When you are constructing this kind of a building with GI sheet, it will cost about RS 250 for one square feet. So, the total cost to construct a building with above mentioned size will be about RS 9 lakh.

Mchinery investment for carton box making business

The machinery investment for semi automatic carton box making machine are different. The production capacity will be determined the machinery cost. The investment run up to 24 lakh indian rupees. So the production capacity of this machine is three tone per day.

Investment for Electrical connection

wiring work and connection have the main cost of electrical work. It will be the other largest investment in the plant. In this investment will come on the bases of our materiel and area we selected for the purpose. Approximately the investment 2-3 lakh Indian rupees.

License procedure

Panjayath license and other paper have to clear for start up. The investment for paper clearance came to 60 thousand and above.

Working capital:

Profit from corrugated box making business

The Profit from corrugated box making business The exporters mainly concentrate the sizes of boxes are 5 kg, 7 kg, 10 kg as well as the weight of the corrugated box are 450 gm, 550 gm, and 700 gm.

The material cost per kg will come 30 Indian rupees. The selling price of corrugated box is 46 and above per kg. The rate will discus on the bases of size of the box.

The size of corrugated box will increase the kilogram rate also will increase.” For Example if the size of the box is 5 kg it selling price is Rs 46 per kilogram. However the seven kg price will increase Rs 50 per kilogram”.

It show how to the profit level increase on the bases of product size. The business ideas/corrugated box making business make the profit of 50% and above from the final product.

Profit calculation

  • Each kilogram will make rs 16 minimum profit and 35 rupees maximum profit.
  • If you can produce 2000 kg per day will make 32000 rupees profit per day.
  • Expenses for manufacturing cost will meat salary, electrical bill and maintenance. It will come on the price of 8000 rupee per day. So the profit per day = 32000 – 8000 = 24000
  • In a month have 26 working days, so the production capacity of month = 52 ton. The profit of a month will calculate 26 * 24000 = 624000.
  • This profit will never achieve at the starting level because the starting time will not achieve the full utilization of available production capacity and sales.

Materials for corrugated box making machine

  • Three material should be need to produce corrugated box making process.
  • The first and most important one is that paper roll. The 95 parts of the box have this carton paper. So the main part of the raw material require for the box making is carton paper roll.
  • Gum is the second important raw material using for the production purpose. The gum used for stick each paper above and make the thickness of box. Also past the designed name or picture on the corrugated box.
  • Stitching material for stitching machine. This three materials are mainly using for the production process of corrugated box making unit.

contact material supplier

Balaji malts pvt ltd
No. 8 KIADB industrial area
Soman hally village
Muddur taluk Banglore -571421
Contact no : +91 9686 284021

The material available any where in India have distributors and companies. Some cases the company use flexo printing machine, for the purpose of printing may need ink for printer is a another material.

Market demand for corrugated box making business

The main market demand for corrugates box making business is the packaging and cargo transportation. All product have to need corrugated box for same transportation.

The big companies like sony, lg,samsung etc have their own companies for box making. But the small companies like tissue paper making, fruits and veg exporters, chapel,electrical product etc. It have no their own manufacturing company for making corrugated box. So the huge market is there.

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