LED Light|Bulb Making Business At Home

Are searching LED light making business at home, all details available here. Its a huge profit making business with easy to start up.

LED means light emitting diode, it work as a semiconductor. When current pass through this semiconductor it emits or rise the light based on the in put.

LED gaining huge popularity day by day because its electrical consumption is very law. So the electrical bill will be reduce on the matter of consumption. LED lights are available in different colors, and range varies from 2700k to 6500k.

led light making business at home
led light making business at home

Raw material for assembling LED light making business at home

This business method is assembling method. It means the parts of LED bulb will be available at cheaper rate. This LED light making business at home is a business idea with assembling method.

The LED parts are make to assemble with out the help of machinery. So this business have not need any fixed investment. Market potential of the LED bulb is very huge because of the usage of power consumption.

The power consumption of LED lights is very law depend on other lights. The spare parts for this business given below.

List of Raw materials for LED making

  1. B22 cap with wire :- This is the parts that the male socut for bulb order . The LED bulb is having most Lumen efficiency of 110 lumens per watt. So LED bulb consumes low electricity and give high bright light as an output compare to CFL, traditional bulb and tube lights.
  2. Case with aluminium plate:- The aluminium plate will protect and increase validity of the product. This case will help to protect the bulb for one year. So we will make one year warranty for our product.
  3. Heating plate :- This plate help to resist heat from the light to electrical board. It should be keep the duration of the product damage.
  4. Driver on board (LED board):- Two type of board are available for LED bulb. That are on board driver and separate driver. This help to get the warranty of the product. If you use on board driver will make one year warranty. Separate driver will make two year warranty of the product.
  5. Dissenter :-

For LED making Training contact

Smart technologies
Kochu kadavu , Eravathoor (po)
Trissur DST, Kerala India
Contact : +91 7902917511
Email : smarttechashraf@gmail.com

Machinery for led light making business assembling method

led light making business
led light making business at home

It is a assembling method of business so no need of huge machinery for production process. Only small machinery needed for homely production. There are two machine using for assembling LED lights crimping and punching machines.

crimping machine necessary for crimping b22 cap. The usage of this machine is very simple. The production of LED light have a simple production process so the crimping machine is very important to use. The machinery rate is below 2000 indian rupees.

Another one is the is the heat sink punching machine. In this machine help to punch the sink on the case with out any damage. So the product quality will be increase as well as the profit also increase. Because production damage will be reduce on the usage of this machine.

LED manufacturing machinery

LED light manufacturing is a huge investment business and a difficult production from other process.

Must to know the production process or getting a training is better than another idea. This to help to getting basic knowledge for operating the production unit.

The production of LED light is huge investment needed so a detailed business plan will help to reduce the difficulties about the business.

There are different type of LED light manufacturing machines. Select your machine as the bases of your specific or selection on the bases of your require or product.

List of LED manufacturing machine

  1. High speed LED mounting machine.
  2. LED chip SMD mounting machine.
  3. candle light assembly machine for LED
  4. LED light Assembly machine.
  5. PCB LED assembly machine.
  6. Tube light LED assembly machine.

Some small machine are needed for checking and testing purpose are given below.

  • Digital multi-meter .
  • LCD meter.
  • LUX meter.
  • continuity tester.
  • solder machine.
  • packing machine.
  • sealing machine.
  • oscilloscope.

The machinery availability and other details are available in all area. You should take assembling innovation technology from the industrial department from the government or privet sector.

Select Area Require For LED Light Making Business

The selection of area or place is the most important thinks in all manufacturing business. Availability of raw material , transportation facility, availability of electrical connection and market source are bases behind the places or area.

In assembling unit we need storage area, working area, accommodation, and office setup . It will help to reduce the risk of management.

In a small unit must to build minimum of 600 squire feet for manufacturing purpose . It will help in smooth running for production.

Complete all the paperwork related to the building rule also ensure that the location of your LED light manufacturing unit fulfills the rules and regulations that mention by government requirement for building rule as per industrial rule.

Production Process for LED Light Making

LED light assembling process is simple and very easy to make. Only two machinery need for assembling method that are punching tool and crimping tool.

All raw material are assemble with the help of this tool is very simple. The material quality will determind the quality of the product.

Manufacturing Side

On the process of manufacturing side must to take a basic training from a well known trainer. We give only primary knowledge through our site.

Initially semiconductor wafer is made, the composite material like GaAs, GaP, etc are determined by the color of LED being manufacture.

The crystalline semiconductor is developed in high temperature and high-pressure chamber.

Gallium, arsenic, and/or phosphor are purified and mixed together in high temperature and high-pressure chamber.

Packaging Process

Select a brand name and design a emblem for your brand. It will help to catch your product for costumer from the market.

Design your box in a attractive model an product sale as per marketing rule. And ensure to enter the product details on the box.

A bulb or light packing separate from other using small carton box. Then it fill in to big corrugated box as per your order.

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