Synthetic string (sutali) business idea

synthetic string (sutali) business idea means a plastic coir for locking some object. It is highly demanded product in local and urban market.

The production of sutali is very simple process with the help of machinery. The extrusion process will make happens.

The extruder machine size will make the production capacity of the machine. All companies and shops are compulsory for the consumption of sutaly product. For locking their product or boxes so the market potential is very huge in this product.

For example the extrude size is equal to 50 mm will produce 35 kg per hour as well as the extrude 65 mm will produce 50 kg per hour.

Synthetic string business idea

Extruder: 50mm, 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, 90mm
Output: 60 – 120 Kg.
Uses recycled PP material, virgin material
Sutli Size: 1mm to 10mm (width)

Features Synthetic string (sutali) machinery

Helical gear box with inbuilt thrust housing.
Microprocessor and PID temperature controller.
A/C Motor with drive synchronized.
PT Series designed “T” dia ensuring uniform flow distribution.
Nitrated screw and barrel made out from high quality allow steel for long service life time.

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SBM extrusion india
virudhu nagar (dst) Tamil nadu ,India.
Contact supplier – 0091 9249723431
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Investment for set up a plant

The major investment are building, electrical connection and work,machinery,paper clearance etc. You should make a good project report and planning with the help of a professional. So it will help to reduce the burden of tension about bad investment.

Building investment

Need 600 squire feet area for building. Minimum space of the building need 5 meter width and 10 meter length. So the cost of construction a building for industrial purpose 150 to 200 Indian rupees per squire feet.

Then we calculate 600*200= 120000 indian rupee on the bases of squire feet and basic cost. It include all facility about start up with out labors accommodation and office set up. When you need all facility then you make minimum 1000 or 1500 squire feet building as per your plane.

Electrical connection and work

The investment of electrical connection and work is the second important investment in a industrial plant. This investment will be on the bases of our project and selected place. Because of the allocation of electricity and availability of resources is very important.

If you need the electrical connection should have three face the investment will be came on the bases of allocation. IF the electrical line is near by you will reduce investment. Approximate expense will be came 150000 – 200000 Indian rupee.

Machinery investment

The Synthetic string (sutali) business idea needed Extruder machine for production. So the die is making sutali product. It have traction for pulling the material to splicer and roller. So the machine have four process to production. machinery cost started from 5.5 lakh Indian rupee

License and other paper work

Small scale industrial registration (udyog adhar )
Panchayath or muncipality license
Pollution control NOC (green category)
GST for business

The above mentioned are the major papers for the start up process of Synthetic string (sutali) business idea. The license taking from the government have its own rule and regulations on the bases of laws. So the investment for the licence needed minimum of 70000 Indian rupees

Total investment

Building – 120000
Electrical connection – 150000
Machinery – 550000
license and other – 90000

Total = 910000 Indian rupee

Material details for sutali production

PP plastic granuals are using as the materiel for the production of sutali or synthetic string.

Two type of materials are available in the market. One is used recycle pp material and another one is virgin material.

In this two type material also adopt the same machine but quality will make variation on the bases of material.

Virgin material rate is higher than the recycled material. But profit make equal so the market demand take on the bases of quality and price.

Virgin material rate is starting Rs 70 – 80 + gst It should be sale on Rs 140 – 150

Material supplier in kerala

Chem plast

All district have much material distributors so the material availability dosn’t mater for production. So sutali or synthetic string production is tension less.

Profit making from synthetic string (sutali)

All product we see in the market each and every product have its own profit. What is our skill and strategy on the marketing, financing and managing.

Profit per day

One day production capacity of small machine is 350 kilogram on the bases of 10 hour working process. Profit from each kilogram is equal to 50 Indian rupees on the bases of materiel uses. So the total profit from one day production = 350 *50 = 17500 Indian rupee .

The expenses will meet from one day on the bases of salary, electrical consumption,transporting, maintenance,and other are.- 2500+750+200+150+250 = 3850.

So net profit from one day = 17500 – 3850 = 13650.

This profit study only the bases of our inquiry and study , this is not exact profit study. So if you start this business with this study we the vomyindia will not take any responsibility about your success or failure.

Sutaly production have 100% profit making business if you want.

Make sure the market demand and supply. The sutaly or synthetic string is single product, easy way of marketing is distributor side sale or dealer side.

This way of marketing will help to increase your production capacity and reduce the tension of marketing. So make your market is distributors or dealers.

Market demand of synthetic string or sutali

Synthetic string (sutali) business idea is highly demanded product in the market. All lengthy or width product are lock with the help of sutali.

So the demand is very high but the market have its own competition. That why our production method should be help to catch our market. Because the quality and price is the important criteria for market demand.

All pipe unit have to use suthali for lock their pipe to load for customers.

All home to use suthali for their own house hold needs

Production process for synthetic string or sutali

  • First process of production is to set heat the machine proper way
  • The mixed material put in to the cooper.
  • Start the machine slowly for melting material.
  • After running the machine sometime. The melting material came out the die and set the sheet to traction for take up process. The sheet set the slipping blade for correct place .
  • The process slipping the pp sheet put on the chamber for flexible manner and take in to the looping machine
  • The final product set on the rotation machine for bundle.

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