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The chapati making machine ,chpati making business ideas originated from an idea called the prison chapati or street market.

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Investment for chapati making business

Profit from chapati making business plan

Market study for chapati making business

Chapati is one of the most demanded products in the market. Chapati is widely used by men and women as well as people with sugar patient.

Ready-kook chapati is a specialty of the chapati make with the machine and it will last longer. Therefore, by purchasing this product at home, you have very little time to build it.

With this one thing you can do at home and make chapati in a very short time. For this reason there is a huge demand in the firearms market.

chapati making business ideas

Chapati’s demand for a fully kook is on the biggest entertainment weddings and such functions. Therefore, there is a huge possibility of this kind of chapati catering services and other mare function. Different type of chapati making machine using the production process.

Chapati making machine

The chapati making machine help to start multi level marketing in the chapati making business. There are different type of chapati making machine like manual chapati making machine,semi automatic chapati making machine, automatic and fully automatic chapati making machine.

Fully automatic chapati making machine

fully automatic chapati making machine to impart much of the relief to the workers in the preparation of making process. The fully automatic machine help various departments of institutes. There are hospitals, schools and college hostels, industrial canteens and railway and defense establishments.

The chapati making machines are help in making home-like chapatis in most hygienic manner. Dough just needs to be fed into the hopper and at the outlet you get cooked chapatis. Apart from this no oil is required for the preparation of chapatis. Thus, fully automatic chapati making machines offer oil free chapatis at economical prices.

So the fully automatic machine using commercial and individual needs. The price of this machine depend on the bases of production capacity and technology.

Benefit from fully automatic chapati making machine

  • The automatic chapati making machines are highly effective as well as non-stop continuous process. It will help to huge production in the market demand.
  • Automatic chapati making machine provides ease of use and cleaning, saves labor costs and ensures product uniformity.
  • The dough just nee to be load in hopper which pass on to the sheeter and gauge roller where thickness of the chapati can be adjusted. (no need for other roller cutter machine).
  • The food grade conveyor carry the round cut chapatis into the oven which is heat by LPG/PNG the temperature of oven can be set as per requirement.
  • The power consumption is minimize by the way of friction loses. Low noise operation, no wastage of product and no pollution hazard.

Semi automatic chapati machine

Semi automatic chapati making machine can produce up to 400 to 500 chapati per hour. Production capacity is depending upon the size of the chapati making machine.

In the semi automatic chapati making machine you should be need a separate ball cutting machine.

The main merit Semi automatic machine provides ease to use and cleaning, saves labor costs and ensures product uniformity. We offer chapati maker to make high quality chapati.

Automatic chapati making machine

Automatic chapati making machines are basically the production process will be automatic. But all function are do not work or produce fully automatic. Like the mixing process and boll cutting process are separate.

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Investment for chapati making business ideas

Below are the investments need to start a chapati manufacturing unit. It comes as a fixed investment, as it does for all businesses.

Building investment

Costs required for building construction of chapati making business ideas. The cost of purchasing an electrical connection as well as the cost of installing a machinery are the three major fixed investment.

If the building is to be installed as a machine, building between 500 square feet is sufficient. The most important machinery are the mixer,ball cuter and making machine .

The cost of building 500 square feet is hundred rupees cost per square feet. If we need a foundation and another set-up at the time we make it, it costs 150 to 200 rupees per square feet.

In that case, we would have to spend around Rs.75000 to Rs. 100000 to build a building.

Electrical investment

What comes later is the cost of electrical work and the need for an electrical connection for chapati making business ideas. The cost of electrical connection will depend on the line convention that comes with us as well as the condition of our area. Minimum requirment of electrical connection will be 1 one lakh indian rupees in India.

Machinery investment

Similarly, the most important fixed investment is getting the machine installation.

This cost will depend on what type of machine we have and how much capacity it has. The production capacity is high and the technology is high, the Fully Automatic is semi-automatic and has a differential type of machine availability. This will be determined the cost of the machine installation. Starting price 4.5 lakh Indian rupee if you want the exact rate pleas contact the supplier we provided.

How about the profit from chapati making business ideas


Its profit in the manufacture of chapatti depends on our local market influence. Because in a market where there is more competition, we have get less profit.

Approximately 40 grams is the weight of a chapatti. The cost of a chapatti made for us at 40 grams is 1.50 paise. When a chapati is being made at Rs 1.50 a paise, you can fix it by packing the remaining expense and calculating it.

There are usually 2. 50s and there are sellers for three rupees. Permanent orders for catering services and others can be reduced. Because it does not need the separator packing or anything else.

An Idea That Can Increase Another Profit: Increase Production Increase We can make more profit by doing business with capacity but we also need to have the market for it.

Profit on the bases of production per day

So the production capacity of the machine will be determined your daily profit. If you make 200 kg per day will get 5000 chapati in out put so will make profit from 5000 chapati on the bases of above calculation . Is equal to 5000*1.5 = 7500 profit per day .

Less your expenses like wage electricity and packing etc per day like 6000+600+700 =1900 per day. Calculation on the bases of one staff + 200 kg production with the help of using machine.

Monthly net profit on the bases of production

So net profit from chapathi making business per day is equal to 7500 – 1900 = 5600 indian rupees per day. This result will be earn on the bases of your marketing strategy. So the monthly profit will be 5600*25 working days per month is equal to 168000 Indian rupees . In this information on the bases of our calculation and study so its not sure from all market.

If you decide to start chapati making business ,must to study about your market and profit.

License processing for chapati business

SSI registration (Udyog adhar )
Panjayath or municipality license
FSSAI from food safety and standards authority of india
GST for sale

Market study for chapati business

People starting a chapati business must have learn about the market. It is important to note that what type of chapati is most likely to be found during study.

Various types of chapati are available in the market. So it is important to understand that any kind of chapatti can be made to make the most sales.

Ready kook chapati is now available at all stationery. Sugar disease is on the rise so people eat chapatti most of the night as well as breakfast.

Chapati has a lot of potential in establishments like hotels and restaurant. People who run the catering service tend to buy large quantities of chapati into their programs.

Chapatti has great potential in the market because it is a food item and not a reusable item. It is advisable to conduct a study to find out what kind of hotels Chapati is selling and what catering services are available in our area.

Its packing setup should be as good as the product itself. Having a good attractive packing can quickly turn into a more sales.

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