Dry fruits and vegetable making business ideas

Dry fruits and vegetable making business ideas is Projects like Dry Fruits and Dry Vegetables have huge demand in all areas. Therefore, it is very big to say that this kind of business is possible and huge potentiate .

Dry fruits are used as medicine and consider as healthy food . So dehydrated product is a standard of its own demand in market.

People who start it as a business are better off using the machines they need. There are many small and varied quality and technologies used in the market.

With the help of this kind of machine, the people who are doing the production can market it well and take the product in a big way. We have provided the full details of Investment, machinery,Materials ,Profit ,Paper Clearance which is required for starting a business in this manner.

Machines with different technology as well as different production capacity are available. There are drivers with different technology, such as Continues Driver,Batch Driver and Rotary Driver.

Machinery for Dry fruits and vegetable making

There are three type or three models of dryer made for dry fruits and vegetable making business ideas. So we have the option that select suitable one for our production unit .

Dry fruits and vegetable making business ideas

1 – Continues dryer

The continuous dryer machine is one of the efficient and maintenance free dehydrate which create a revolution in dehydration Technology . Its help for dry fruits and vegetable making business ideas.

Career light Maize wheat rice mill spices like pepper turmeric ginger and many other varieties of vegetables and fruits.

It can be preserved for a long period of time by this eco friendly Technology. This will be avoid the wastage of food product by drying and preserving for a long period of time.

Without losing its natural values vitamins and Aroma. This is achieved by the advanced flavor lock technology in the drying system.

2 – Batch dryer (standard with every order)

Batch dryer can fulfill your expectation in the field of dehydration. In this driver we can drive the product as per our required moisture level.

The drying time and temperature that we need can be adjusted in the digital control meter. In this dry we can dry cardamon, pepper ,other spices Coffee ,Bean and Cherry fruits and vegetables coconut herbal leaves fish and meat green and red chilli and grains etc.

We can use this as multipurpose drawer with varying capacities and different type of fuel for heating source as per requirement.

Dry fruits and vegetable making business ideas
batch dryer

3 – Rotary dryer

Rotator is frequently using now a days. In this method we need not to spend much time separating the delicate leaves from the stem.

In stead the whole leaf including the stem is inputted into a rotating chamber. Rotating chamber in permanent motion so the leaves automatically get withdraw with it. When it is dried by the hot air.

The peculiarity of this method of dehydration is that there is no loss of natural colour of the leaves. Which can be finely powdered after this drying process.

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Investment for dry fruits and dry vegetable making business ideas

Building ,Machinery, Electricity and Paper Clearance is also the investment need for the dry fruits and vegetable making business ideas. Below are the things to consider when build your building.

  1. It is important to note that there is road access to the place where we intend to build.
  2. Ensure availability of raw materials required for the intended product.
  3. The electrical connection should ensure that the necessary conditions are met.
  4. How much of our production capacity, our storage, and our build capacity will make up for it in advance when the building is in place?

The following are some things to consider when buying machinery. Make sure to use the technology we need for our intended product. Purchase the machine in accordance with predetermined production capacity. The first thing we need to do is to do paper clearance.

Profit and market demand for dry product

Dry Fruits business is a business with good market demand as well as good profit.

Each product, whether it is vegetable or not, should be purchase its available season and stock . It is a good business to get 100 to 250% profit from vegetable or fruit.

Its market is in the All India Overall market as well as one of the most sought after product in foreign countries. There is a huge demand for health and longevity, so there is a huge demand for it.

There is a market for Dry Fruits that have a lot of dry vegetables used for cooking. It is a business that can make huge profits if the needs are met and the requirements are met.

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