How to start Ice cream plant as a profitable business

How to start Ice cream plant as a profitable business is a question?. So we make all the answer for the question below.

Ice cream is one of the most sought after products in countries around the world. It have a market for sale in small and large towns.

Ice cream parlors, ice cream corners, ice cream parlors are sold in the market in large and small quantities. From small children to old people have their own interest on ice cream is a favorite and inviting.


the ice cream market and its potential will never be broken

Each company adopts very different methods of making and marketing an ice cream product.

The tastes of ice creams in different brands vary greatly in their quality. Therefore, there is no question that any new product can enter the market.

We provide below details of investment,machinery,profit,and marketing for how to start ice cream plant as a profitable business.

Machinery for ice cream plant as a profitable business

How to start Ice cream plant as a profitable business

Kulfi making machine

Normally three type of machines are using for kulfi making . That are given below with it purpose or production process

  • Koya machine
  • It is used to mix the fine flours required for the manufacture of kulfi such as fruit and milk ghee. Using it helps in mixing the product and keeping the product flavor very good. Its quality and potability can be built according to customer requirements.

  • Lolly tank
  • When making kulfi, the lolly tank is used for quick freezing of sticks as needed at the proper place. The reason for using this is to set the stick in real place and get the same type of product. So keep the look and taste of the product as a same quality.

  • Hardener

  • Ice cream making machine

    How to start Ice cream plant as a profitable business
    • Pasteurizer

      ngredients required for making ice cream are heated to 85 Ā° C. By using the machine, the mix will be ready for the heat needed quickly.
    • Filter machine

      is machine using for filtering the hotted materials for making purpose. So the ice cream would be make smooth and clear product.
    • Homogenize mixer

      In this machine using for proper mixing process for ice cream. In this machine mix all ingredients as proper way it will be help to increase the taste and quality of the product.
    • Plate heat exchange through cooling tower

      The 85 degree hoted material need to change 14 degree. So the machine help to reduce the heat and keep cool.
    • Aging vat machine
      This side is adding flavor and color for the product as you need

    Contact for machine

    SIEMEC Equipment’s
    industrial development area Edeyar
    Binani puram (po) Eranakulam
    Kerala India
    PH :+91 9539755475, 9847549143

    License for start up in Ice cream plant

    1- Panchayath or municipality license
    2- FSSAI (food safety and standard authority of India )Certificate
    3- GST for sale
    4- pollution and other safety certificate for large scale production

    How to start Ice cream plant as a profitable business is make your product quality and packing. Depending on the material quality of the product used will determind your product quality .

    The business will be profitable. Using good materials can help maintain the market and increase profits. That way we can turn a well known product into our product on market.

    Ice cream is one of the most sought after products everywhere. Our stability is guaranteed by those who take government licenses and act accordingly.

    Marketing process for ice cream

    Packaging design and style is one of the most important criteria on marketing. Make your own brand and emblem for packaging and design your own style.

    Supply freezer to customer for make your own market on the shop sale. It will help to increase your production and sale.

    Find catering service agency and sell the product through catering service. it also have stable market in the whold.

    Make your own ice cream parlor for sale . It will help to increase your profit and stability.

    Shopping mall and super market are develop and spread day by day so the potential of the ice cream should be increase day by day.

    Materials for ice cream making

    milk is the major part of the ice cream product some one use milk pulp as material.

    The taste and the color of the product determined on the bases of fruits and flavor. Natural flavor making with the help of blending machine.

    packaging materials are out source like box, plastic cup, stick etc.

    Transporting vehicle are consider as fixed investment and the transporting is not consider as materials.

    Investment for ice cream plant

    Building and machinery — 1100000
    License and other — 75000
    Electrical connection — 150000
    Total — 1325000

    This investment for 1000 litr machine

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