How to make Dairy farm as a profitable business

How to make Dairy farm as a profitable business have so many ideas for starting a dairy farm business. The most important of these are how to arrange the required water and food.

Milk and Dairy products are a highly demanding and enough market. Therefore in a place like Kerala where there are collecting agencies like Milma, it is not difficult to give the milk that is made.

That is the reason why the Dairy farm business attracts so many people. The challenge for any product is to do marketing is create huge problem and tension.

But there is guarantee that the milk will be market because of its demand. A lot of things to consider when starting a dairy farm business are described below.

How to make Dairy farm as a profitable business

Things to note when make diary farm as a profitable business

  • Make neat and clean shed for cows
  • How to arrange the required water and food.
  • where will deposit the wast of cows
  • what are the Technic for milking from cow
  • Daily cleaning process
  • marketing process
  • medicine and treatment
  • Investment and expenses
  • how many labors you need for a business.
  • Government supports and schemes

How to make shed for Dairy farm

So many things want to consider before making a shed or building for dairy farm. Important one is proper ventilation , make more side of the building open and make proper height each side of the building minimum 6 meter height. Center height make 10 meter it will be help to reduce cows internal humidity.

Make double roofing system for the shed . So the hot wind will be automatically push out and receive the cooled wind as a natural process .

Spaces for cow as calculate 3*3 squire meter for one cow. So the cow stand and sleep as very comfort. This will help the increment of milk and health of the cow.

Make floor as concrete and the space of cow roll out the rubber sheet. Rubber sheet should help to reduce the ruff and tough of the concrete. And increase comfort situation in the side of building.

How to arrange the required water and food.

How to arrange the required water and food is an important thing to make Dairy farm as a profitable business. In a single cow as 30 to 35 kilogram for is compulsory.

Arrange auto water drinking system is better than an another one. It will be help to able the drinking water at 24 hour. So the blood and milk are equally balance will help health and security of our cows.

Fodder grass farming also help to increase the availability of food sufficient. And pellet also make the huge milking capacity.

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How to make Dairy farm as a profitable business
dairy farm

The wast disposing system for Dairy farm as a profitable business

The wast disposing system for Dairy farm as a profitable business must want a proper wast recover system. They are given below .

  • Make a proper dumb tank for deposit when make over wast as balance.
  • separate urine and wast system . So we get the slurry which help to develop grass and agricultural product.
  • Wast should be sell as the market price on agricultural farmers.
  • Bio gas plant making is a good idea.

what are the Technic for milking,marketing and cleaning process.

In a huge dairy farm need to use electronic milking machine for milking process. Because the milking is a huge time consuming and risky job. So the machine should be help to reduce the time and risk.

The small dairy farm have their own Technics and manual milking machine and their own process’s.

Marketing is tricky job some people sell their milk to society. But the society purchase rate is less than local market. So make your own market with milk and milk product like curd and butter etc.

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Use pressure washer for your cleaning process and make proper wast despising unit .

Investment and expenses for How to make Dairy farm as a profitable business

Twenty little milking cows have 70 thousand is the market price.

Building and wast disposing system is the another expense it will get on the bases of the number of cows. If you start with 3 cows only below 75000 or if you start with 10 cows will be above 300000.

Machinery need generator, pressure washer, milking machine and motors will be above 90 thousand.

Another investment needs for security and paper clearance like license,insurance etc.

Your a beginner the better process is 2 or 3 cows make to start up then gradually increase your farm like one by one.

Government supports and schemes for dairy farm in kerala


Milma farmers support

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