Paper plate making business plane

Paper plate making business plane have huge market in the world. All countries are using paper plate as their food serving functions. All countries have their own model and quality in their production. Some countries using some other materials for production.

In this articles we provide all the details about the manufacturing process or business plane. Like machinery, profit, investment, license procedure, marketing etc. The paper plate is a disposable item, means use and throw item. Which means the Paper plate making business plane market stability is very huge.

Raw materials for Paper plate making business plane

Raw materials for Paper plate making business plane have silver coated rolls and fresh white sheets. They are in well available raw material in the market. There are 80 GSM to 120 GSM silver rolls. The GSM mentioned to the quality of paper material. The price will increase while GSM decrease and the price will decrease while GSM increase. But using the small GSM material will get large number of out put. Because of the weight but also decrease the quality of the product.

Material price for paper plate

The Material price for paper plate price is starting from 44 Indian rupees and it’s uptob 48 Indian rupees for Aluminum Coated material. In the case of fresh white sheets hve enough stock in the market. It will cost 21 rupees to 26 Indian rupees according to it’s GSM.

The production capacity of this is 125 pieces of 1 kilogram in 6 inch plate and 90 pieces of 1 kilogram in 8 inch plate. The production cost per piece is 36 paise per piece for 8 inches.

Machinery for Paper plate making business plane

Lets discus about the machinery for paper plate making and the production method of this business. Hydraulic pressing machine is used for paper manufacturing business. This machine have different models like single die, double die four dies. You can able to produce 4 different model plates at a single time using four die machine.

Paper plate making business plane

If there are four people working with each dye you can able to take the production in a good manner. That means while using hydraulic pressing machine must need to increase the labors. Taking the production by a single person from this machinery is very difficult in four die machine. But this machinery have a good production capacity.

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Production capacity of paper palate making machine

The different production capacity of paper palate making machine are given below. You can able to make 3 inches to 18 inches plate from this machine only need to change the dies. The average power consumption need for this machinery is 2 HP. The production capacity of four die machine is 4000 to 5000 pieces per hour.

You can also able to use fully-automatic machinery for this business. This machine will take the production of four rolls or four plates at a single time. This machinery have a good production capacity and only one person need for operating this machinery. The material using for this machine are paper roll . Sing person should be control the production . Only the counting is the plates and it is one of the profit of while using fully-automatic machinery.

Fully automatic machine for paper plate

The price of the Fully automatic machine for paper plate is little more than other machinery. You can able to take production of 3 inches to 18 inches plates with the fully automatic machinery. The production capacity is 1500 to 2400 pieces per hour. The average size of the machinery is 900×2400 MM and the average weight of this machinery us 400 kilogram.

In the case of hydraulic pressing machine;you must want to cut the sheet in round shape. But this is not needed in fully-automatic machinery. Buying a single or double dye machinery and start production in a smaller manner. And update it later is suitable for beginners in this business according to get good orders and market.We will provide the details about the paperwork for this business,subsidy,machine arrangement e.t.c.

Investment for paper plate plant

The detail report for Investment forPaper plate making business plane are given below. The major investment in this business is for machinery,building,electrical connection,electrical work and paper works. You can able to start this business with a less investment.

Machinery Investment For Paper Plate

The Machinery Investment For Paper plate making business plane on price of the machinery. The price is depending on your requirement. It is depending on the number of dyes. Different types of machines having double dye,four dye,six dye e.t.c are available.The minimum cost of 2 HP machinery is 125000 lakh.

Building Investment for paper plate

Building Investment for paper plate on the bases of building construction. This business didn’t need a vast area. You can able to start this business in a small area like a shed that attached to your home. If you have a 300 square feet area;you can able to start up this business in a good manner. If you didn’t have much facility to construct a building,it is better to rent a building. By doing this you can also able to avoid the investment for building construction. If you construct the building by your own with GI sheets,it will cost around 75000 rupees.

Electrical work and connection investment

Another investment in this business is for electrical connection and electrical work. You can able to run the machinery with single phase connection itself. For that you need a common electrical connection and it can be done at a small cost in an allocated location. Including connection charge,It will cost average Indian 15000 rupees. In electrical work we have starter, switches and wiring costs. So it will cost around 75,000 rupees.

Paper or license process in India

In the case of paper clearance,this business only need GST. You need panjayath license for taking GST. So paper plate making business is a business which you can able to start without taking license. So the investment for paper clearance is very less. It costs around 10,000 rupees.

Profit from Paper plate making business plane

Profit from Paper plate making business plane will be on the bases of your production capacity. One kilogram white material rate starting from 23 Indian rupees on the bases of GSm. So the product paper plate rate calculate or fix on the bases of material cost pus production coast. The we make production cost of each kilogram will be four Indian rupees.

When your out put production take 150 kg and above per day. So calculat 23+4=27 is your production cost. The selling price of the final product should be 45 Indian rupees as per our study. The we calculate 45-27 =18 Indian rupees is should be the profit from each kilogram.

paper plate
paper plate

As per the production capacity of 150 kilogram from each day we calculate the profit per day.

The profit per day = 150*18= 2700 Indian rupees per day

Net profit per month = 2700 *26 days = 72000 Indian rupees

Market or marketing paper plate product

Markets of the paper plate products can be found by selling through stationery stores. If you sell these products directly to the stores,these products are not sufficient. Because if you bring a single type if product into market,it is difficult to sell . Because the shops also need the products like paper cup and table sheets. If you sell the products directly into the shops you also need to sell the other similar products too. In that way you can also earn profit from other products.

Distribution ship marketing

If not, then distribute the products through the distributors. You don’t need any more marketing tension when it comes to supply through distributors. Because you can able to sell the bulk of products to the distributors. All you have to do is find the distributors in each area and try to contact them. paper cup and paper plate are highly demanded products in the market.These are highly potential products and it’s demand and use never ends. These products are essential thing in every functions which supply food like weddings and other program’s.

Trough Catering services

You can make market a great deal through catering services. You can abel to do markets through three different ways. The first one is direct selling and the second one is selling through distributors and the third one is selling through catering services. You can market in all three ways. You can able to capture the market if you market the products in your own area in direct selling. Otherwise it may be better to go for sale by adding other products also.

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