Agricultural farming and garden nursery

In this post, we are discussing about the business of Agricultural Farming and Garden Nursery. Nowadays, the tendency of beautifying home by setting garden in the front and surroundings of house is increasing. So there is a huge business potential in garden nurseries because of its high demand.

Nurseries with agricultural plants like banana tree, hybrid mango etc are also having huge market potential and business scope in these days. In this post, we have included all the matters which you have to consider when you are setting a nursery with agricultural and gardening plants.

Agricultural farming and garden nursery

You can also sell different fertilizers, flower pots and other necessary equipment relating to plants with this business. When you are planning about this kind of a business, you have to make a detailed study on this business.

Mainly, you should have a clear idea about which type of flower and fruit plants have high demand in the market. And you also should aware about the places where you can get its plants at a very low price. In this article we have explained all these issues in detail.

Care about start up process for Agricultural farming and garden nursery

The following matters you should consider when you are establishing a business of agricultural farming and garden nursery. Firstly, you have to consider the place where you are going to establish the nursery. It is not necessary to establish the unit in a town area. You can fix it in any area which should be near to highways.

But it is very essential to ensure the availability of water in that area as it is necessary to grow our plants. So, you should give water to the plants on time. Otherwise, it may be damaged and destroyed.

Secondly, you should have a clear idea about the plants which have high demand in the market. The lists of plants which are selling more with high demand in the market have given below. Anyhow it is better to make a market study on it before starting the business.

Thirdly, you have to know the places where you can purchase the plants, seeds and fertilizers at a low price. In the case of Kerala, one of the biggest wholesale places to get all types of plants is from Mannuthy, Thrissur.

Many wholesale nurseries and agricultural centers supported by government are also located here. Many of the high yielding banana trees are coming from Tamil Nadu. And many of high yielding coconut tree plants are coming from Andhra Pradesh. Any way, many of its dealers are there in Kerala.

Another important issue in this regard is customer care. Even though the number of garden and agricultural nurseries is very low. It is very important to treat our customers in a good manner. The best place to start this kind of a business is the area where the number of nurseries is nil or less.

contact for nursery plantation in kerala

Trissur mannuthy
PH: +919846508515

Agricultural farm garden in kerala

Investment for garden nursery plantation

Now we can discuss about the Investment for garden nursery plantation establishment. The main expenditure for this kind of a business is working capital. Because, it doesn’t needs to construct a building for this purpose.

It only needs a small office place to keep all records and accounts and a small warehouse to stock fertilizers. For this purpose a usual type of shed with low expenditure will be enough. It takes only RS 30000 for minimum as initial investment.

It doesn’t needs to calculate the investment of place as it is already taken for a fixed rent. The best thing is that we can start this kind of a business with minimum size by the plants and fertilizers of one lakh rupees. So, it is possible to all persons to enter this type of a business.

As it is a unit from agricultural sector, it doesn’t bother about government procedures and GST in this business. It only needs license or consent from Panchayat to establish this business. Therefore any common person can start this business as a self employment with the capital of RS 150000.

Profit from agricultural farming and garden nursery

Now we can make a study on possibility of profit from agricultural farming and garden nursery. Generally, the usual customers don’t have an idea on market value of these kinds of plants. And most of the customers are not bother about the price of this kind of products as it is used for beautification of the home.

It is not the only reason to get 100 percent profit from this business. The market price of coconut tree plants with the cost of RS 100 is sell about RS 200 to 250 rupees. In the same way the plants with the cost of RS 50 to 75 rupees are selling for the price of RS 200, 250, 300 and 400.

In the case of fertilizers, most of the customers have an idea about its market price. And some plants like banana tree have an almost fixed price in the market. In those products, the profit margin will be comparatively low.

But those products can sell with larger quantity than other products. So, total profits from those products will be high. From these descriptions we can understand that this type of business is a highly profitable venture. So, agricultural farming and gardening nursery is a business opportunity to earn maximum profit with minimum level of investment . From this business we can earn 75 percent of our total sales revenue as profit.

market potential of garden nursery

Now we can analyse the market potential and strategy of agricultural farming and garden nursery. As we know, nowadays, new buildings and shops are beautifying with setting a garden. In the same way, now houses are beautifying by setting a garden its front and other sides.

Now this is a trending phenomenon in all places including Kerala. So market potential of gardening is very high. Especially, people prefer the plants which give yield and fruits with very short span of time like coconut trees producing coconut within two years.

In the case of agricultural plants, most demanded plant in Kerala is banana tree. People are often planting this because government is insuring the damages of banana trees from natural calamities.

So both garden and agricultural farming nurseries have big business scope. We can popularize our venture in villages by printing advertisement in vehicles and through other Medias also. As it is located to near the high ways and other roads, people can easily notice this and they often make inquiry about the plants in between their journey. We can expand our business by good customer care services.

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