GI roofing sheet making business idea

GI roofing sheet making business idea with machinery are highly demanded product in the market. In this article, we are explaining all the aspects of GI roofing sheet manufacturing business.

As a country like India, GI roofing sheets are used for various purposes. The main material to make GI roofing sheets is GI color coated coils. These sheets will sustain at a longer period without holding the rust and it can be produced at a lower cost.

So that it has huge demand in market. Here we have explained all the details to establish this kind of a unit which is forming GI roofing sheets. These sheets are usually available at various colors like gray, blue and red.

Machinery for GI roofing sheet making business idea

There are different types of making Machinery for GI roofing sheet making business idea . GI roofing sheet forming machines can be used for this process. High quality machines and materials are available in the market to form GI sheets.

gi roofing sheet making business ideas

Some of the main branded materials which used for this process are JSW, Tata, Bhushan Power in India.
GI roofing sheet forming machines are offered by various companies. Three kinds of machines are involved in this process
1. Forming Machine
2. Cutting Machine and
3. Blending Machine

Specification of roofing sheet forming machine

  1. This kind of roofing sheet forming machine can be run by 20 HP power consumption.
  2. This machine can produce 3 tonne product in a day without making any environmental pollution.
  3. It can be operated by any person easily.
  4. Its operation is controlled by fully automated computerized touch screen and thereby it can be easily control.
  5. It is very important to purchase high quality roofing sheet forming machines for this operation.
  6. They are giving one year warranty and one year free service also for their product.
  7. It cost about 25 lakh rupees.
  8. It is better to establish a company which is equipped with all kinds of machines and tools which is necessary in production process.

Contact for GI roofing sheet forming machines (best dealer in kerala)

The contact details to access high quality GI roofing sheet forming machineshave given below.

Ganapathy coimpature,
– 303611 Tamil nadu , India
Contact : +91 8921750661

No. 16 Vasanthan nagar, Chinnavedampatti
Ganapathi, Coimpatore 641049 Tamil nadu India
Email :
Contact : +91 98462169006

Raw material for GI roofing Sheet

Now we can understand about the raw materials for GI roofing sheets. The most important material is color coated GI coils with the width of 4 feet.

These color coated GI coils are available at various qualities like 2.8mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, and 5mm size. These numbers shows the thickness of the sheet. Among all companies the most demanded and reputed companies which providing the GI sheets are JSW, Tata and Bhushan Power.

 color coated GI coils

Sheets which have thickness above 3.5 mm have higher quality because it has an additional coating of 70 gsm color guard. Because of this additional coating with 70 gsm color guard it will have long life period without holding rust.

The weight of one coil will be about 4 tonne and 750 K.g. 4 feet width coils will be available at any sizes by cutting it desirable size demanded by the customer. Usually it highly demanded in the market at the sizes of 10,12 and 20 feet lengths.

In some situations, by considering the demand of customers, it can be given in different lengths such as 5,7,8 and so on. This customized distribution at different sizes will be helpful to increase our number of orders. This raw material is available anywhere in India.

Contact for Raw materials to start GI roofing sheet making business idea in Kerala

The contact details of dealer of GI roofing sheet forming raw materials in Kerala have given below.

Vengola west Perumpavur Ernamkulam
Kerala, India
Contact : +91 9447297306

Investment for GI sheet forming business

Now we can consider the investment expenditures to establish this kind of a unit. As all other businesses, the major investment expenditures for GI roofing sheet forming business are also investment on building, machinery and electricity.

Building Investment

First of all we can consider about necessary size of building. We need a building with the size of 3600 square feet for this purpose. This building will be equipped with the space to install machines, to stock raw material and finished product including office space.

For this purpose you need to spend around 648000 rupees. It is sufficient to construct the wall and roof of the building with GI sheets. Then only you can construct the building within above mentioned cost.

Machinery Investment

The next category of major investment expenditure is investment on machinery. We have already discussed about its machinery in detail. As we already said, the total cost to install GI roofing sheet forming machine will be about 25 lakh rupees.

Total investment will be 34.4 lakh Indian rupee .

Electrical work and connection process

Another major investment expenditure for this business is expenditures for electric connection, equipments and its work. GI roofing forming machine is 20 HP power consuming machine. So that it need three phase electric line.

So, for electric connection and its equipment it costs about 1.5 lakh rupees. If your building is located at a place where three phase electric line is available, your investment expenditure on electric connection will be low. Otherwise, you need an additional expenditure to access three phase electric connections.

In total, we can calculate around 2.5 lakh rupees for electric connection, equipment’s and its work.

Legal procedure

For legal clearance and process you need about 40000 rupees. Including all mater like paper work, transportation for clearance etc. And also the procedure like Gst, license, subsidy etc.


In this section we are examining the profit margin of the GI roofing sheet making business. As it is a highly competitive industry in Kerala, the roofing sheet companies are earning a very low level of profit margin form their business. So it is not desirable to establish this kind of a manufacturing unit in Kerala.

When you are manufacturing a 10 feet length sheet with the thickness of 35 sizes, its weight will be around 8 K.g. approximately, you can earn 80 rupees profit margin in one sheet. The total making capacity of machine is 3 tonne in a day.

Daily earnings

So, the total gross profit in a day will be around 30000 rupees. This profit can be earned only when you are selling all these production of 3 tonne. From this gross profit, we should deduct RS 5000 as expenditures for electricity bill, salary and expenditures for travelling.

Monthly profit

So, the net profit in a day will be 25000 rupees. We will get 26 working days in a month. In this case, we can make the monthly profit 6 lakh rupees for 26 days.

Market study about GI roofing sheet

Now we can analyse about its market potential. GI roofing sheet has huge demand in Kerala. So, there are many companies are working in Kerala in this field.

All most all companies are using the materials supplied by JSW, Tata and Bhushan Power for their production. So, there is a stable price for GI sheets in market. The prices of sheets are fluctuating only when the price of raw material is changing. Therefore it is not possible to sell it at a higher or lower price than market price.

Common factor

As we already said, many companies are prevailing in the market that providing this product. It is very difficult to accept a new product by traders. Because the space to stock GI sheets in all most all shops will be limited. In this scenario, the best marketing strategy is that provide it at maximum possible lower price with maximum possible highest quality.

Currently customers are highly demanding the sheets by JSW, Tata and Bhushan Power. So it is not desirable to produce our product by using materials provided by any other companies.

But if you have confidence to market this product, you can establish this unit in Kerala also. All these information given hare is purely based on my observations and experience in the market. And we are not responsible for the success or failure of any GI sheet forming companies which established based on this article.

License procedure

  • In the case of license Clarence, this business also needs sanction from either Panchayat or Municipality.
  • As it is a manufacturing unit, it is essential to take Udyog Aadhar. All the papers and certificates have to be submitted in the Panchayath in accordance with their instructions.
  • All the units which consuming 5 HP power consumption or above are necessary to take NOC or sanction from pollution control board.
  • It is also necessary to register in GST network as it is deals with goods and service.
  • To establish this kind of unit, subsidies are provided by government. To avail subsidy, you have to contact with the department of industry.

The GI roofing sheet making business idea is a huge production process. So the working capital and cash flow are most important factor in production process. The minimum quantity of raw material purchase is need 25 ton. The turn over of the GI roofing sheet making business idea is also larger because of the production capacity.

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