PVC pipe bending machine

PVC pipe bending machine help to manufacture pvc conduits pipe bend with law cost. PVC conduit pipe bending unit is very profitable business opportunity.

In this article we are discussing about this interesting business enterprises. PVC wiring and conduit pipe bending processing unit can establish easily by any persons. It can be processed by different ways. Usually, most of the units are doing this manually by using spring with the help of heater.

pvc pipe bend
PVC pipe bending machine

But we can bend these kinds of pipes easily by using PVC pipe bending machine. Various kinds of machines are available for this process. In this article, we are discussing about fully automatic PVC pipe bending machines. By using this machine, we can bend and socket PVC pipes with the size of 19 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm very easily.

Here we have analyzed all the possibilities and potential of this business in very detailed manner. We are also examining the investment expenditures, market, raw materials availability and profit margin of this business.

Fully Automatic PVC Pipe Bending Machine

Fully automatic PVC pipe bending machine needs 4 HP power for its operation. The production process can be made as smooth by using PLC controller. It is necessary to have an automatic cutter and air compressor to operate this machine. By using this automatic bending machine, we can make 8 bends in one minute. The size of the bending machine is 2 meters length, 1.5 meters width and 2.5 meters height.

After cutting the pipe in a specified size, we should put pipe in to machine for its bending process. The process of bending will be taken place after heating the pipe by using a heater which is fixed within the machine. After bending, we will get finished product from the machine with sockets.

The machine can process about 480 bends in an hour. That is the major specialization of the machine. The bending process can be made with minimum production cost as it is done by sing fully automatic PVC pipe bending machine.

by using this machine, we can bend wiring pipes in the sizes of 19 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. At least, 19 mm and 20 mm wiring pipes should be in 1.2 mm thickness and 25 mm pipe should be in 1.5 mm thickness. It is better to have more thickness for its smooth and feasible operation.

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Project Report for PVC pipe bending unit

The project report for PVC pipe bending unit given in this section studies. We provide investment expenditure to establish a PVC wiring pipe bending unit, size of the unit, raw materials availability, market potential and its profitability.

Investment expenditures

First of all we can consider its investment expenditures. To establish this kind of a business, major areas of investment expenditures are building construction, machinery and electrical connection and work.

Building investment

When we consider its building, it is enough to have a medium size room within your home for this process. The minimum size of the room for this operation is 5 meters length and 3 meters width.

If the room with necessary size is not available within your home, you can construct those kind of shed outside of your home or attached with your home. Therefore, it doesn’t need a huge amount as building expenditures. RS 70000 will be sufficient to build such a shed if you don’t have a room with prescribed size already. If it is not possible, you can take such a room for rent.

Fully automatic PVC pipe bending machine

Now we can look at its machine. Fully automatic PVC pipe bending machine costs 6.5 lakh rupees. If you are planning to use fully automatic pipe cutting machine, it costs RS 120,000. You can also design and create a usual manual cutting machine within the costs of RS 15,000 to RS 30,000. It is necessary to have an air compressor of 200 litre or 300 litre for this process and it costs about RS 30,000. so total machinery investment will be = 8 lakh Indian rupee

PVC pipe bending machine
automatic PVC pipe bending machine

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Electrical and other investment

It needs three phase electric connection. So, the wiring should in accordance with the three phase electric connection. If the unit is located at a place where three phase line is available, then you need only connection charge. It doesn’t need any licenses for its operation. So, no needs to be bother about expenditures for paper clearance.

Profit from PVC Pipe Bending Business

Now we can calculate the expected profitability of this business. By using fully automatic PVC bending machine, we can process 4800 bend in a day. From one bend we can earn at least 0.65 rupees as profit. There by, in total, we can earn RS 3120 as profit in a day. Manufacturing costs and material costs are included in this calculated profit.

Usually we will get 24 working days in a month. And you can also operate the unit for entire days in a month if you are operating the machine yourself. In the case of 24 working days, we can earn about RS 81,120 as profit in a month. In this scenario, this is a very interesting business idea in which we can easily recover our total investment expenditures within one year.

Marketing tips for PVC pipe bending business

We can market our business through three different ways. You can market this either wholesale or retail or even through distributors. The main customers are electrical shops. In those shops you can supply your products as in both wholesale and retail.

Whole sale process

You can supply it as wholesale for those shops that are purchasing it in larger quantities. And you can also supply it as retile for those electrical shops that are purchasing in smaller quantities. Here distributors are the parties’ who are supply PVC pipes.

Distribution method

This category includes both PVC wiring pipe manufactures and PVC wiring pipe distributors. For those groups, you can supply very huge quantities of products. But in this case our profit margin might be slightly low. Even though, it will be helpful to sell larger quantity of products and to earn higher amount of money.

The easiest way to identify the distributors is to collect the list of suppliers of PVC pipe in all electrical shops. After that you can contact them directly to supply your products.

License for unit

As it is using machine with less than 5 HP, it does not need any licenses to operate. And the registration of GST is applicable to only those units which have the turnover of higher than 40 lakhs rupees revenue. So, GST will not be applicable to this business as it is not included in that category. This unit also can be run as by taking production by purchasing pipe from manufacturing companies in piece rate. You can also market it in this way too.

Every business ideas which we are share through this website is purely based on the information which we observed from our studies. So, all the details and information about this PVC pipe bending business given here is based on our studies in this area. Therefore, this website is not responsible if you are establishing such a business unit based on this post. The success or failure of any business is completely based on the efforts and commitment taken by the entrepreneur. Therefore we are not also responsible for your success and failures in business.

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