License for small scale industry in India

License for small scale industry in India
and its procedures are the most crucial and complex process in the establishment of any production unit. In India, the process of licensing and its procedure are different for different kinds of industries.

One of those important areas is getting clearance from pollution control board. The procedures to get clearance from pollution control board in India are almost same in all the parts of the country. However, the criteria to get pollution control board certificates from Panchayath or Municipalities are different in every state.

License for small scale industry

In this article, we have explained all the details to get pollution control board certificate to establish an industry in Kerala. Here we have examined various kinds of licenses and its procedures to establish different types of industries in detail.

License procedures can be classified into four categories. Among this, licensing procedures for different kind of products or units within a category are different. Therefore, obviously here we are explaining only about common type papers or clearances to establish an industry which we are discussing here.

For any type of industrial unit, whether License for small scale industry , medium scale, or large scale, the most important license is to get consent from Panchayath or Municipality.

Major License for small scale industry in India

  • Panjayath or municipality license
  • Pollution control board (Above five hp power)
  • FSSAI license
  • Fire and risque NOC (depend on building and machinery)
  • GST
  • Health declaration (determined by authority)
  • Sanitary certificate
  • Udhyog adhar

You should also collect a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from fire force department to get license from Panchayath. This NOC will be depends on the size of your building and megawatts of electricity connection. In addition to this you should also collect a NOC from Department of Health and it can be collected from District Civil Station. It also based on megawatts of electricity consumption, production process etc.

How to get Panjayath or municipality license for small scale industry in India

How to get Panjayath or municipality license for small scale industry
in India is question. We provide the answer below.

  • Application form with five rupee court fee stamp.
  • Building tax receipt
  • Rent agreement or ownership certificate
  • Pollution consignment
  • Sanitary certificate
  • NOC from fire and risque
  • Partnership deed
  • Other document if require like health NOC

If your building is for rent, you have to prepare a rent agreement in stamp paper of 200 rupees to take license from Panchayath or municipality . For partnership business, we should prepare a partnership deed in stamp paper of 5000 rupees.

look solution

This partnership has to be registered also. If you are using your own building, instead of rent agreement you have to submit ownership certificate to get license from Panhayath. To get subsidy and other benefits like LT4 connection from government, you should take Udyog Aadhaar. For small or medium scale industries, Udyog Aadhaar is highly beneficial and necessary.

Pollution control board license

Pollution control board license
should be need for start a business including above five hp power. What are the document need for getting pollution License for small scale industry in India are given below.

  • Building plan or motor plan
  • Site plan
  • Rent agreement
  • Adhar card
  • Land tax receipt
  • 200 rupees stamp paper
  • partnership deed
  • License fee

Site plan

We have to give many documents to pollution control board license . The most important of among those is cite plan. In cite plan you have to mention the distance and details of wells, residential houses and related institutions or buildings within 100 meters of surroundings of your unit.

In building plan you have to mention the locations where machinery have installed in the unit. All the above mentioned documents can access and submit through online. Its registration and other fees for this document is depend on its category and amount of your capital investment.


The licenses from pollution control board come under the categories of white, green, yellow and red. Among these, license fee for white category is low. The fee for the categories of green, yellow and red will increase gradually by its order and sequence.

For small scale units, the license from pollution control board will be for 5 years. For other units, the period of license will be for 3 years, 2 years and for 1 year based on power consumption and production process of the units.

FSSAI Registration or license

FSSAI registration or license
must be to start food industry. The online registration is the first step for start up .

  • Photo
  • Adhar copy
  • Panjayath license
  • Partnership deed
  • Machinery plan
  • Water test result
  • Skilled labor certificate
  • Institution photo
  • Fee

FSSAI registration is mandatory for food processing units. To get FSSAI registration, license from Panchayath is necessary. In addition to Panchayath license all other above mentioned documents also essential for FSSIAI registration.

If water is used as an ingredient in production of product, water test result also essential. Water test result can be accessed from authorized testing centers. These types of centers are located in every district in the state. In every Block Panchayaths, there will be a Food Inspector and he is responsible and authorized to provide FSSAI license.

This application also submitted thorough online. After the submission of all necessary documents, the authorities will contact you within two or three days. Then you have to meet Food Inspector directly to collect your license.

Subsidy and GST registration


To avail subsidy form government you have to submit all necessary documents which are mentioned in above discussion. All those documents with application form have to be submitted in office of the Industrial Department.

Here the important thing is that you have to keep all the details and bills of purchased building materials, equipments, machinery and electricity bill. And you have to prepare a detailed project report for your business. The project report should include your investment expenditures, sales turn over for one year, profit and other important details. This report has to be approved by a Chartered Accountant.

GST registration

The gst registration is under the rule of sales tax department. The GST goods servies tax registration process is very simple. we provide what are the document you need to register GST online.

  • Adhar card
  • PAN card
  • Photo
  • Bank account
  • Panjayath license
  • Digital signature

To register in GST, we have to submit Pan Card. If the company is under a single propritership, it is enough to submit the Pan Card of the propriter. If it is a partnership business, the company has to create a separate Pan card for the compny. Fort that we have to provide partnership deed and Pan cards of all the partners with application form. The Pan Card will be available about in between 15 days to one month.

Note this point

If we are vigilant and perfect in all above mentioned documents and our building is as approved by the Law, the licensing process will not be complicated and the License for small scale industry can access easily. We have to form all the documents in accordance with the instructions given by the authorities of Panchayath.

As it is a government procedure, it may take a minimum time lag and the licenses may provide only after the inspections also. To avoid more delay and complications, we should provide all the documents and details clearly. In the case of electric connection, usually industries need LT4 electric connection.

As it is included under LT4 connection, we can avail subsidy provided by government for industrial purposes. This benefit can be utilized through a low rate charge for per unit consumption of electricity. If it is a private limited or LLP company, the legal procedures for registration of Pvt or LLP company has to be done already.

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