How to start soda soft drink making business

Here we have given all the details to start a Soda Soft Drink Manufacturing Business‘. You can establish this business in two ways. You can either establish this business with low budget or with heavy budget.

When you are establishing it with low budget soda soft drink business, you have to use the manual or semi automatic production technique. In this type of production, it is only possible to supply the products in a limited area.

Because its production capacity will be comparatively low. But if you want to market your products in a wider area with low budget, you must use semi automatic soda soft drink making machine instead of manual production technique.

soda soft drink making
soda soft drink

Within this there are two categories of production; pet bottle packing and glass bottle packing for soft drink business. If you are planning to adopt pet bottle packing, you can market it in a wider area but it needs comparatively heavy budget.

Attractive types of designs packing and sophisticated production techniques are available in this category. If you are establishing this soft drink business in a heavy budget, you can market it in a wider area and you can earn a huge amount of profit. In this article, we have discussed about all production process and business strategies in detail.

Investment for law budget soft drink manufacturing business

Firstly, we can analyze about the investment for low budget soft drinking manufacturing business which can be start by any common people. The production capacity and marketing area of this type of unit will be limited. It will be packaged with glass bottles and packing process can be done by manual packing machines.

soft drink making machine

Machinery investment

The cost of such types of machine will be around 75,000 INR. By using this machine, we can pack around 4000 bottles soda in a day. The bottles should be supplied in “cases”. We can fill 24 bottles in a case.

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Raw materials for soda soft drink

Besides this expenditure for machinery, other main types of investment expenditures are cost to purchase bottles and raw materials. Main raw materials for soda soft drink are bottles, water, cases and topes to close bottles. Among this category, costs to purchase cases and bottles are fixed investments.

To purchase theses raw materials, in an initial stage, it needs approximately less than 1 lakh rupees. Apart this, we have to spent some amount of rupees for electrical work.

Electrical and building investment

We should have electrical connection and adequate wiring to set machines. It cost about RS 60,000 for electrical connection including panel bodes and its work. Building investment will be 125000 for 500 squire feet area.

So, the total amount of investment expenditure to establish a soda soft drink manufacturing business in low budget is 360000 INR.

Production process of soda soft drink business

This section deals with the production process of soda soft drink business.

  • At initial stage, there should be a process of cleaning of glass bottles. We can clean bottles by using both traditional way and by using machinery. If it is large scale unit, it is necessary to use machines for cleaning process.
  • Then we have to add and mix desirable color, flavors and adequate sugar in to the bottle.
  • Next is fix the material to close the bottle in the respective part of the machine.
  • Then fill carbon gas mixed water in the bottle.
  • After we should close top of the bottle and it should arrange in the cases.
  • In this production process, you can increase the amount of production by using your skill and it depends on your commitment and dedication in the work also. This business can easily handle and marketed by two persons and it is better to decide the volume of production in accordance with the demand in market.

Profit from soda soft drink manufacturing business

As we already said soda soft drink business the highest expected profitable business which can be established with very less amount of capital. Because of its less amount of investment we can categorize it in small scale industries. Any how it has 100% secured profit margin.

Day profit

Now we can calculate the expected profitability of this business. The cost of one cylinder soda gas is RS 2200. By using this single cylinder, we can make 300 cases soft drinks. There will be 24 soda bottles in a case. So, average cost for soda gas of a single bottle is 30 paisa.

The price of one bag topper is RS 1050. By can use this toppers from a single bag for 300 cases of soda bottles. So, the average cost of a topper is 14 paisa.

Therefore the total cost for gas and topper of a bottle is RS 44 paisa. In addition to this we will have the cost of RS 1.50 for electrical work and for employees to make one bottle.

We can sell one bottle at the price of RS 3.30. in this situation, the total profit from a bottle of soda is RS 1.80. By deducting transportation and all other cost from this total amount, easily we can earn net profit of RS 1.50 from a single bottle.

maximum net profit from a month

Maximum production capacity soda gas bottle in a day is in between 200 to 250 cases. That means, we can produce around 6000 bottles in a day. So, we can earn around RS 9000 as profit from one day production.

In that sense, from a good production unit with high production and wider market, we can earn about RS 216000 in a month.

Market potential of soft drink

Local area marketing is most suitable method of marketing for small scale soda soft drink production unit. You can choose nearest towns and villages for this purpose.

In marketing, you should ensure the complete return of bottles without any damage. If you are a new entrepreneur, you should be very care in your dealings with your customer shops. Because, there will be an existing supplier in that shop.

If you did not supply your product on time, it will highly harm you because you are entering to the space of an existing supplier.

The main challenge in this field is there is a high competition in soda soft drink business. In all most all towns and villages, there will be at least two or three units.

Soda soft drink is a seasonal business especially in Kerala. Because the weather condition in Kerala will change in accordance with the change in seasons. Therefore its demand will be high in favorable season of six months and in remaining season its demand will be low.

Other issue in marketing is that you should create your own label for your product. You should print this label on your case and bottle neatly with maximum perfection.

As it is a food product, you must ensure the quality of the product. If you market your product by following all these issues, you can capture the market gradually.

What are the license for start up in soft drink making business

You can establish this unit easily by single time registration by using the provision offered by Government of Kerala through K-SWIFT. But before this you should collect all the test results and clearances from Panchayath and water authority.

It is necessary to clear all licenses within three years. Mainly it needs license from Panchayath.

FSSAI license is necessary to establish this unit. So, you have to do this registration clearly.


In this article, we have given all the details regarding with soda soft drink producing unit by using our knowledge in this field. Mainly it deals with all the details related to machinery, investment, profit margin, marketing and license procedure of soda soft drink processing unit.

If you have any doubts relating to this area, you can contact with the Consulting Agency of Look Solution. In summary, from our experience, Soda Soft Drink Business is a highly profitable business opportunity

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