How to start peanut chikki bar making business

Peanut Chikki Bar are the profitable self employment opportunities. In this article we are explaining about the manufacturing techniques of these products. It also explains about the machinery to produce peanut sweet, necessary raw materials and investment.

Peanut chikki bars have huge demand in all over the world. The Peanut bars can be produce both in traditional form and by using highly sophisticated technology and machines.

peanut chikki bar
Peanut chikki bar

If you are introducing your product as a new brand which is produced by using modern technologies, you can capture the market within a short period of time. But you should ensure the quality of your product. Its raw materials are available in all areas abundantly.

The most important raw material for Peanut Chikki Bars production is peanut. Peanut has to mix with the liquid of jaggery. We can make it as in the form of a sheet after adding spices into it. In the following section, we have explained about all its raw materials and machinery based production techniques in detail.

Machineries for peanut chikki bar production

There are three types of machineries for peanut chikki bar production. First one is used to fry peanut. This type of machine is compulsory for large scale production.

peanut chikki making machine

Peeler and cutting machine

There is another machine which can be used to remove the skin of peanut and it also used to divide peanut in to different parts with equal size. The third machine is used to mix peanut and jaggery liquid and it also make jaggery in liquid form.

Mixer and blending machine

This machine will help us to mix the ingredients of peanut, jaggery and all spaces well. In this stage it will be prepared to make it as a sheet. In addition to these machines, we need a peanut sweet sheet making die in this production process.

Cutting blade and sheet die

A blade also can be used to cut this sheet in our required size from this die. There is a sheet making machine with automatic cutting facility is embedded with it. But it is required only when we have huge quantity of production.

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Traditional method of production in peanut chikki sweets

On the other hand, if you are preparing it in home in traditional way of production in peanut chikki sweets, you can fry peanut in a usual pan. You can also mix it in a large size pan. In this way, you can establish this business without using any kinds of machines. In this traditional way of production, you only need a die and cutter.

If you are planning to establish it in a brand name, it is necessary to have a packing unit with this. So, it is compulsory to have a packing machine also. Now we can consider about its investment expenditures. Peanut Chikki making unit is a business opportunity which can be establish as a cottage industry.

How to invest for peanut chikki bar making business

How to invest for peanut chikki bar making business is good question. Usually it can be establish within your home or its surroundings. If you are establishing it in your home as a small scale unit, you can produce and supply this sweet in a traditional way.

Traditional method

We can found some small size peanut sweets of one or two rupees in shops. Usually, these types of sweets are producing by traditional production technique. In this case, no need to invest any considerable amount of capital. Only need small amount f working capital for traditional production.

But sheet making dies and cutting blades are necessary in any kinds of production technique.

Medium or large scale unit

Otherwise, if you are establishing peanut chikki bar making business as a large scale industry, it is necessary to have a building and required machines for production.

Details about is machines have already discussed in above section. The total investment expenditure for those machines is RS 218,000 and packing machine 450000 and above . Building can be establish either by purchasing for rent or by constructing a new one.

Total expenditures for the construction of building is depend on the specification of the building. Approximately it can be estimated as RS 350 for one square feet.

The additional investments in this regard are expenditure for electric connection and cost of license clearance. Beside this, there will be an additional cost for purchasing raw materials, labor cost for marketing and packing, maintenance and 5transportation cost for supply of products.

Profit from peanut chikki bar making business

Profit from peanut chikki bar making business are explain deeply below. Peanut chikki making business is a good business opportunity and it has highest expected profitability. Here750 gram jaggery liquid can be used for 1 kg peanut. Comparatively water and jaggery have low price than peanut.

As it is a mixture of these ingredients, on an average, it will have a low cost. If you are calculating it in prevailing market price, it can be produced approximately by RS 100.

It can be supplying at 200 rupees for retailers and at RS 250 to RS 270 for directly to consumers. Therefore, it provides 100% profit for a small scale unit who are adopting direct selling.

Its cost is depends on the weight of sweet whether it is offer for 2 rupees, 5 rupees or 10 rupees. We can earn 100% gross profit out of 1 kg production.

Net profit from peanut chikki bar

After deducting all the costs, we can calculate net profit. Here, main heads of expenses are manufacturing costs, transpiration costs and packing costs. If you are running a medium scale unit by producing 200 kg product in a day, you can earn around 20000 rupees as gross profit in a day.

We have to deduct RS 2500 from this as depreciation of machineries, electricity cost, labour cost, transportation and packing cost. After deducting all these costs, we can earn RS 17500 as net profit in a day. But it is purely depends on your sales. It can be earn only when you are selling all the products in market.

marketing tips for peanut chikki sweets

marketing tips for peanut chikki sweets are given below. All most all kinds of these types of units are adoption the strategy of direct marketing. These kinds of units are producing one or two other types of sweets with this and supplying it with peanut sweet.

Peanut sweet has a market and scope in super markets, tea shops, and grocery shops and in all kinds of shops who are selling food products. It has a huge market potential because it is highly demanded sweet in all seasons and times.

For large scale production units, they can supply their products in different areas and expand the production by appointing distributors. Peanut chikki has a huge market in all over the world especially in India. Each seller is adopting different marketing strategies to capture market.

It can be available in small and big sizes and it also available with and without packing in different designs. It can be market in boxes and in bottles also. To understand this, it is better to make a market study on this and its different types of designs


Peanut chikki is interesting business opportunity which can be established by a low amount of investment and it also can be run as a cottage industry. If you have good marketing skill and big size of market, you can expand your business in future and earn a huge amount of profit.

In this study, we have included almost all details about this business. It is necessary that you should study the market in your locality. By this study you can understand more about this business and its scope.

The market for peanut chikki business might not be possible to capture easily within short time as your expectation. So, as we all ready said, it is very important to supply some of other products also with the supply of peanut sweet

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