Auto mobile engine coolant making business

Auto mobile engine coolant – In this post, we are discussing about the business idea of engine coolant of vehicles. Coolants are liquid which used to keep engine in a normal temperature without creating much heat.

Three different types of engine coolants

Mainly there are three types of engine coolants which using for this purpose. They are;” Inorganic Acid technology coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants and Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolants”.

engine coolant

Engine Coolants by using inorganic acid technology will be green in color. This type of coolants normally has two years of warranty and it should necessarily change when the vehicle crossed 25,000 Kilo meters of running.

Organic acid technology coolants are available in different colors in market. Hybrid organic acid technology coolants are the mixture of both organic and inorganic acid technology coolants.

Three different types of cooling system

Three types of cooling systems are using for vehicles and machineries. First one is air cooling system. It is normally using in bikes and any other types of two wheelers.

Water cooling system is usually using in all other types of vehicles including cars. Liquid cooling system is mainly using in machineries and engines. Among this, oil based cooling system is more popular.

What are the machinery using for engine coolant manufacturing

We define here what are the machinery using for engine coolant manufacturing. If you are planning to make it for industrial purpose as large scale production, then, it is necessary to use machines for this production.

Demineralization plant

Three types of machines are mainly using in this engine coolant production process. Firstly we should have a plant for demineralization. Main raw material in this process is water. Instead of demineralizing water you can also purchase demineralized water from the market.

Demineralization plant
Demineralization plant

in large scale production, you can reduce your production cost by building a demineralization plant. You will have many small and large scale plants for demineralization process. May types medium scale production machines with the price of RS 60,000 to ten lakh rupees are available in market. You can choose an appropriate machine as per your requirement.

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Chemical mixer for coolant making

Then you should have a blending machine to mix chemicals with the water. By using bending machine, you can ensure the quality of your product. Blending machines also are available abundantly in market at various prices. You can order any machine after deciding your required capacity of production.

Lastly, you should have packing and ceiling machine for the packaging of final product. For a medium scale industry, this machine is not necessary and it can be done manually also.

Raw materials for auto mobile engine coolant

Three different types of raw materials for auto mobile engine coolant are given. Ethylene glycol, demineralized water and necessary colors are the main raw materials for this production process. The market price of ethylene glycol is range in between Rs. 60 to 90 rupees.

It varies on the basis of the quantity which you are purchasing. In the case of price of demineralized water, if you are purchasing, it costs about 20 rupees for one liter. On the other hand, if you are processing it in your own plant, you will get at around one rupee per liter.

raw materials for engine coolant

Therefore, for large scale production, it is better to demineralize water it in your own plant. Then you have to add required color in to it. In addition to this.

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we need packing materials and the materials to seal it. Plastic bottles are usually using for the packing of coolants. Some companies are packing it in plastic pouch also. You can access those types of pouches from different manufactures. The price of pouches are varies in between 4 rupees to 10 rupees. You can also purchase it at a very low cost based on your bargaining power.

The production process of radiator coolant manufacturing

The production process of radiator coolant manufacturing is very important . When you are introducing a new product in market, it is very important to ensure its quality to capture the market.

If you are new entrepreneur, it is better to use 90% of ethylene glycol as an ingredient in the product. Remaining 10% you can use deminaralized water. Then after, blend it well. After the perfect mixing process, add the required color in to it.

After adding the color, mix well it up to the level of color which is preferred by you. It is enough to make a good quality engine coolant. For marketing, it is essential to pack it in an attractive package.

For this purpose, you can fill it in to bottles which should be pasted with your own brand name. You can supply it in one litter, two litter bottles and fie litter bottles. One litter bottles are highly demanded quantity in the market. You can produce these types of coolant bottles based on your production capacity. In the case of one liter bottles, you can fill 12 to 24 bottles in a cartoon box.

what are the investment for Auto mobile engine coolant plant

The amount of investment of automobile engine coolant manufacturing unit will be depends on your preference. Here we are explaining three categories of investments, namely, low budget, medium budget and large scale production.

Make law budget unit

In the case of low budget, no need to use any machineries and building for engine coolant production process. That means, in this context, you can start it in zero investment expenditure.

In this case, after purchasing raw materials, mix it and pack it manually.

Investment for Medium scale production

In the case of medium scale production, you have to set a demineralization plant for this process. You can built and install it in a low cost. You have to purchase a demineralization machine based on your desired capacity.

For this purpose, you need a small shed with electric connection. In total, you can start this type of a medium scale industrial unit with the cost of 5 lakh rupees.

Investment for large scale production

Before going to large scale production, it is necessary to make a market study about this product. For a medium scale producer, it is possible expand it into large scale production.

In the case of large scale production, we need automatic machines. In this case, we also need a considerable size building and we have to clear all 5he legal procedures like licenses and GST registration.

It is compulsory to have three phase electric connection. So, in this case, it costs around above 30 lakh rupees as investment.

Marketing tips

According our study, the automobile engine coolant manufacturing is a 100% profit margin business opportunity. If you are a medium scale or large scale manufacturer, your production cost will be below 60 rupees.

By including all working expenditures and expenditures for raw materials and packing, in total, it will be around 70 to 75 rupees. The usual market price of this product is above 250 rupees.

But when you are supplying it to retailers, you can charge up to 150 rupees for one bottle. It is very difficult to market only this product directly retailers.

Because, these types products are usually supplied by the agencies who are also supply some other types of products. So, it is better to supply it to other distributors for supply instead of direct marketing.

For this purpose, you have to collect the details all such types of distributors. You can use various methods to collect all these details. Approach the service centers which located in your locality and nearest towns for this purpose.

You can also collect the details of agencies from your own friend circle. When you are supplying it to distributors, its profit margin will be comparatively low.

How about the profit margin from engine coolant making business

We discus about the profit margin from engine coolant making business. Here we are calculating the net profit of the unit of 500 kilogram production capacity per day. The production cost of one liter coolant for a company with 500 kg production capacity will be 70 rupees maximum.

If you are marketing it directly to retailers, you can charge 150 rupees for one liter. But it is impossible to market 500 kg products directly in the market.

Daily income

Therefore, here we are calculating the profit margin when we are supplying to distributors. The total cost to produce 500 kg will be Rs. 35,000. You can charge about Rs. 110 to Rs. 120 for one liter when you supplying it to distributors.

Here we are taking Rs. 110 as its price. So, in this case, the total revenue of 500 kg will be Rs. 55,000. When we are deducting the total cost from this total revenue, we will get Rs. 20,000 as net profit in a day.

Monthly profit

Now we can calculate monthly profit from engine coolant making business of 26 working days with producing 500 kg in a day. When we are multiplying 500 liter with 26, we can produce 13000 liter in one month. The total cost to produce 13000 liter is Rs. 910000. In this cost it includes all the working capital to run for a month also. To get total monthly revenue, we can multiply this 13000 liter with 110. So, it is Rs. 1430000.

So, to get monthly net profit we can deduct our monthly cost from this monthly total revenue. Therefore the net profit in a month will be Rs. 520000. By this calculation, it is clear that automobile coolant manufacturing is a highly profitable business opportunity..

In this article we include all the details for starting a auto mobile engine coolant manufacturing unit. All the above information are on the bases of our study. So pleas make sure weather it is correct or not. Thank you.

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