Soil bricks manufacturing business

Soil bricks : In this article, we are discussing about the manufacturing of soil bricks. Soil bricks are manufacturing by mixing Clay, cement and chemical. Usually, it is making without the process of heating in furnace. Its main raw material is nothing but soil. So, the manufacturing of soil bricks is a unique business opportunity with huge profitability.

Soil bricks
soil bricks

The main thing is that it has to be located in an area where plenty of soil should be available. The production process will be carried out by filling soil in to a die with 24 inch size then it has to be compressed into 12 inches. Soil bricks are essential for the construction of houses and other buildings.

For this production process, automatic and semiautomatic machines are available in market. In this article, we are presenting a project proposal of soil bricks manufacturing business and its related issues including business strategies.

Raw materials for soil bricks making business

The main raw material for making soil bricks in this process is soil. 95% of soil bricks are contained soil. The remaining 5% contained cement, water and color. As it is a product with containing more amount of soil, it is essential to have the availability of soil abundantly in the location of the unit.

So, you should ensure the availability of soil near to the unit. As we all know, soils are the resources which are directly available from the earth. So, it will be more profitable if it is located and taking soil from your own land.

It will be better to choose the locations like hill areas. Another main raw material in this process is cement. In the making of soil bricks, top quality cement has to be used. For this process, you have to use OPC cement with the grade of 53.

You can produce 40 to 43 bricks by using one pack cement. Lastly, you should have a color chemical as raw material to give color for the product and it will be helpful to quick setting of the product.

Machinery for soil bricks making business

In this section we are explaining about all the machines for soil bricks manufacturing unit. Firstly, you should have a filter device to filter the soil. For this process, you have a rotation machine embedded with a filter which operated with the 1.5 HP power consumption. By this process we can collect soil to a box by extracting it from stones.

machinery for soil bricks
machinery for soil bricks

Secondly, you should have grinder machine with 10 HP power consumption to polarize the stones. Next, you should have a mix batch machine to mix the soil, cement and chemical color. Such type of a mixer machine will be in 6.5 HP power consumption. This is a automatic rotation machine.

Then, you should have a compressing machine to convert mixed match in to a brick. For this process, we can use hydraulic compressing machine. From a single machine, we can make two type of products. One type of product will be in the size of 6 inch breadth and other will be in 8 inch breadth. Now we can consider its production process.

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Production process of soil bricks

In this section we are dealing with the production process of soil bricks. The first process is mixing of filtered soil. We can use soil and cement in the proportion of 4:1 (4 basket soil needs 1 pan cement). 5 liters of chemical should be used to 200 liters of vessel. Then, it has to be filled to mixer accordingly after the mixing of all ingredients. After the mixing process of this batch in to 4 to 6 minutes, we can take it away this from this process.

Then, this material has to be filled in die accordingly. The die will be in the size of 24 inch. This mix has to be compressed in to 12 inches to make a soil brick. It will be layered in a definite size. the soil bricks should continuously irrigate with water for four days in four or five times. It will be ready for sale after 6 or 7 days.


The main fixed investment expenditures for soil bricks making business are machinery, building, electrical connection and paper clearance. The detailed explanation of investment expenditure to establish a soil brick manufacturing unit is given in following section.

Firstly, we can consider the expenditure to design plan and construction of building. For this process, approximately, you need 4.5 lakh rupees. It is enough to have 1000 square feet building for this process. Then we have to install machine in this building.

All machineries including Grinder, Mixer and hydraulic compressor will costs around 20 lakh rupees in total. Different types of machineries are available in market. This amount of investment is subjected to vary based on your requirement.

The next head of expenditure is for electrical connection. Approximately, it needs 3.5 lakh rupees for electrical connection and its electrical and wiring works. In this way, in total, it needs around 28 lakh rupees to establish this kind of a manufacturing unit.

How about the Profit form soil bricks

The Profit form soil bricks making business is huge. Here we are analyzing the profit margin which is expect to earn from a soil brick. Usually, you can produce 1000 to 1500 bricks in a day if you are doing the production process by using above mentioned machineries. To produce 1500 bricks, we need 37 bags OPC cements. The retail price of one bag cement is RS 450. So the total cost for cement to produce 1500 bricks in a day is RS 16650.

The cost for 200 liter chemical is RS 24000. Therefore, the price for one liter chemical is RS 120. 20 liters of chemicals is necessary for one day production. So the total cost for chemical to produce 1500 bricks in a day is RS 2400. In this way, by add the cost of cement and chemical, the total cost for the production of bricks in a day is RS 19050.

If you are collecting soil from your own land, it is not necessary to calculate a considerable amount of cost for soil. Otherwise, if you are purchasing soil from other, you need to spend around 500 to 600 rupees to load one load soil from your nearest locality. In this calculation, we are assume that the soil is collect from your own land. In this case, the total cost to produce one brick is RS 12.70.

Other expenses

Besides these costs, we have to add electricity cost and salary of workers with this cost. It needs 10 workers for this production process. If the labor cost is 700 rupees for a single person, we have to spend 7000 rupees as salary for 10 workers. The electricity bill for one day will be around 600 rupees. By including all these costs with raw materials cost, the total cost to operate the unit in a day is RS 26650.

Net profit in a day

By including these costs, the cost to produce a single brick is RS 17.76. Now we can consider its selling price. A soil brick with 8 inch is usually selling at the price of RS 26. It will have 8 inch width and 11 inch length. So, the profit margin from a single brick is RS 8.24. By this way the total profit in a day will be 12360 rupees. If we are maintaining continues operation and sales, soil brick making business is a highest profitable business opportunity.


To construct an average size house, it needs to use around 5000 to 6000 soil bricks. So, it is necessary to have 3 to 4 days to produce the total bricks for a single house. Therefore, the soil bricks making business has a huge market potential.

All these information provide in this article is purely based on our studies and researches in this area. And the success and failures of your business is not responsible by this website and its providers. All the reports publishing in this site is completely based on scientific studies and analysis about new business ideas and opportunities. We have tried to include all the details of soil brick manufacturing business in this article.

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