Grease manufacturing business

Grease manufacturing business is good business in the world because the usages of grease is different area like machinery, vehicle etc. Here Grease is highly demanded and widely selling product in Kerala but it is mostly manufactured in other states.

Vehicle grease
vehicle Grease

Grease is a semi-solid lubricant which used to reduce the friction and temperature when moving two movable components. The greases are widely using with all movable components in the world including in all vehicles and motors. Greases are available in different forms like solid, semi-solid and in liquid form too.

Selection process of Vehicle grease making

The selection process of Vehicle grease will be depends on the feature of motor which we are going to apply the lubricant. Castor oil, animal oil, palm oil etc. are using as lubricants. Tea oils and all other kinds of oils have more lubrication than petroleum oils.

But when we are using those raw oils directly on motor, it may have many drawbacks. To cover all its drawbacks and problems, those oils are converting into grease by adding some other ingredients with oils.

Different type of Vehicle greases

Many types of greases are available in market like sodium grease, calcium grease, graphite grease, lithium grease and silicon grease. These differentiations are because of the uses of different ingredients in it.

Castor oils, animal oil and mineral oil are the main content in all those types of the product except silicon grease. In silicon product, main content is the silicon oil.

The selection of appropriate form of Automobile grease is based on the speed, temperature and pressure of the moving parts of motors. The most reputed National Institute in this field is National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI). Based on hardness, Greases are divided into nine different forms indices. These forms are varying from the index of .000 to the index of 6.

9 Indices Varying from Fluid to Very Hard

The most widely used greases are comes under the category in between the index of 0 to 3.

How to market the Vehicle grease product

We can establish this kind of Vehicle grease manufacturing unit with a small amount of investment and it can be supplied both direct marketing and through distributors.

We can supply the products in automobile workshops, service centers, centers of manufacturing and repairing of all kinds of motors, factories, outlets of spare parts and in hardware shops.

Automobile grease
Automobile grease

Daily apply of this are inevitable in all heavy weight carrying vehicles like crane and in JCBs and in hitachi. So, you can supply greases directly to the owners of those vehicles.

Packing and labelling is very important strategy for your marketing process. There are different types of packing are available like pouch, plastic bottle etc. We also care about labelling and branding.

capital expenditure

The capital expenditure to establish a medium scale unit with the production capacity of 200 Kg. greases in a day will be around 5,00,000 rupees. By this kind of a unit, we can only meet the demands of a local market.

We should ensure 500 square feet space in our unit and there should be single phase electric connection in the unit.

Profit from Automobile grease making unit

The following calculation of cost, revenue and profit margin will be applied for a unit which producing 200 Kg. Vehicle greases in a day. The costs include all kinds of expenditures like raw material expense, packaging, electricity charge and labour cost
Total Cost – 200 Kg X 100 = 20,000

Total Revenue
The Market price of 1 kg grease = 300
Earnings of owner after deducting commission = 200/Kg
So, total earnings = 200 X 200 = 40,000
Profit Margin
Total Revenue = 40,000
Less Net Cost = 20,000
Total Profit = 20,000

Contact for training and technical knowledge

The technical training and vocational education
Offered by the institute in Piravam Agro-Park.
Contact Number: 0485-2242310

Loan and subsidies

Many kinds of loans and subsidies are offering by Industrial Department to establish this kind of a unit. To access loans facilities to promote entrepreneurship, you can approach local offices of Industrial Department. Different forms of subsidies in accordance with the volume of project are also provided by the department

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